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1.0 Transcript of Records

1.1 Upon request by a student, the Records/Admissions Office will send the student's transcript of academic records from that Los Rios Community colleges to any college or university. (Education Code § 76225)

1.2 The District or college may notify the student that records will be transferred only upon payment of all fees and charges due to the college or the District.

1.3 The college making the transfer of records shall notify the student of the student's right to receive a copy of the transcript, and the right to a hearing to challenge its contents.

1.4 A student's official college transcript from another college or university or from a high school shall not be released to the student or to another party without a court order.

(Cross Reference P-2265)

Policy Adopted:       6/30/65
Policy Revised:        11/19/80; 2/10/82; 1/24/96
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:     R-2215

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