Advanced Education P-2212 

2210    Enrollment                                                                       

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1.0     Advanced Education

1.1 The California Education Code authorizes community colleges to enroll qualified high school students.  Students enrolled pursuant to this policy and regulation shall be known as Advanced Education students (Education Code Sections 48800, 76001).

1.2 The District shall enroll high school students according to established regulations and consistent with relevant provisions of the Education Code and District policies and regulations.

1.3 The District shall not apply for state apportionment for Advanced Education students unless:

1.3.1 The class is open to the public;

1.3.2 The curriculum is college level; and

1.3.3 All required documentation has been submitted and properly maintained.  

1.4 The Chancellor shall adopt regulations regarding advanced education.

Policy Adopted:        1/16/02
Policy Revised:         12/10/03
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:      R-2212

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