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LRCEA - Job Descriptions

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Account Clerk Series (Account Clerk I; Account Clerk II; Account Clerk III)


Accounting Specialist

Administrative Assistant Series (Administrative Assistant I; Administrative Assistant II; Administrative Assistant III)

Administrative Service Analyst

Admissions/Records Clerk Series (Admissions/Records Clerk I; Admissions/Records Clerk II; Admissions/Records Clerk III)

Admissions/Records Evaluator Series (Admissions/Records Evaluator I; Admissions/Records Evaluator II; Admissions/Records Evaluator/Degree Auditor)

Alternate Media Design Specialist

Animal Health Instructional Technician

Assessment Center Testing Coordinator

Assistant Financial Aid Officer

Assistant Technical Director, VAPAC

Athletic Trainer

Attendance Services Assistant

Bookstore Assistant Manager

Bookstore Clerk Series (Bookstore Clerk I; Bookstore Clerk II)

Bookstore Stock Clerk

Building Automation and Systems Integration Analyst

Business Services Assistant

Buyer - Bookstore Series (Buyer - Bookstore I; Buyer - Bookstore II)

Buyer Series (Buyer I; Buyer II; Buyer III; Senior Buyer/Contract Specialist)

Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) Assistant

Child Development Center Teacher Series (Child Development Associate Teacher; Child Development Center Teacher; Child Development Lead Teacher)

Child Development Services Analyst

Child Development Center Clerk

Clerk Series (Note: Clerk I level of series Temporary Position) (Clerk I; Clerk II; Clerk III)

College Development Officer

College Relations Specialist

Community Services Clerk

Contract Education Program Developer

Control Center Technician

Cosmetology Service Assistant

Counseling Clerk Series (Counseling Clerk I; Counseling Clerk II)

Data Communications Security Specialist

Digital Communications Specialist

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) Clerk

District Financial Aid Specialist

Educational Center Assistant

Educational Center Clerk

Educational Media Design Specialist

Electronic Calibration and Repair Technician

Employee Benefits Specialist

Employee Benefits Technician

Energy Management Controls Specialist

Event Services Specialist, VAPAC

Facilities Planning and Engineering Specialist Series (Facilities Planning and Engineering Specialist; Lead Facilities Planing and Engineering Specialist)

Facilities Planning Specialist

Financial Aid Clerk Series (Financial Aid Clerk I; Financial Aid Clerk II)

Financial Aid Officer

Fiscal Services Accounting Specialist

Food Service Assistant Manager

Food Service Series (Food Service Assistant I; Food Service Assistant II, Cook/Baker)

Ford Service Training Specialist

Grant Coordination Clerk

Graphic Artist

Graphic Designer

Health Services Assistant

Information Technology Business/Technical Analyst Series (Information Technology Business/Technical Analyst I; Information Technology Business/Technical II; Senior Information Technology Business/Technical Analyst)

Information Technology Cable Plant Assistant

Information Technology Network Administrator Analyst Series (Information Technology Network Administrator Analyst I; Information Technology Network Administrator Analyst II; Senior Information Technology Network Administrator Analyst)

Information Technology Specialist Series (Information Technology Specialist I; Information Technology Specialist II; Senior Information Technology Specialist)

Information Technology Systems Database Administrator Analyst Series (Information Technology Systems Database Administrator Analyst I; Information Technology Systems Database Administrator Analyst II; Senior Information Technology Systems Database Administrator Analyst)

Information Technology Technician Series (Information Technology Technician I; Information Technology Technician II; Senior Information Technology Technician)

Instructional Assistant - Accounting

Instructional Assistant - Adaptive Physical Education

Instructional Assistant - Advanced Transportation Technician

Instructional Assistant - Aeronautics

Instructional Assistant - Anthropology

Instructional Assistant - Applied Music Guitar

Instructional Assistant - Applied Music Percussion

Instructional Assistant - Applied Music Piano

Instructional Assistant - Art

Instructional Assistant - Biology

Instructional Assistant - Campus Computer Laboratory Series (Instructional Assistant - Campus Computer Laboratory; Lead Instructional Assistant - Campus Computer Laboratory)

Instructional Assistant - Chemistry

Instructional Assistant - Chemistry/Math

Instructional Assistant - Communication, Visual and Performing Arts

Instructional Assistant - Cosmetology

Instructional Assistant - Costuming and Makeup

Instructional Assistant - Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies

Instructional Assistant - Disabled Student Program & Services (DSP&S)

Instructional Assistant - Early Childhood Education

Instructional Assistant - Electronics

Instructional Assistant - English as a Second Language Series (Instructional Assistant - English as a Second Language; Lead Instructional Assistant - English as a Second Language)

Instructional Assistant - English Hearing Impaired

Instructional Assistant - Family and Consumer Science

Instructional Assistant - Food Service Management

Instructional Assistant - Foreign Language

Instructional Assistant - Fundamentals of Nursing

Instructional Assistant - Health and Education Simulation Lab

Instructional Assistant - Horticulture

Instructional Assistant - Learning Resources

Instructional Assistant - Life and/or Physical Science

Instructional Assistant - Mathematics

Instructional Assistant - Mechanics

Instructional Assistant - Mechanical/Electrical Technology

Instructional Assistant - Media Center

Instructional Assistant - Music

Instructional Assistant - Office Technology Series (Instructional Assistant - Office Technology; Lead Instructional Assistant - Office Technology)

Instructional Assistant - Phlebotomy Laboratory

Instructional Assistant - Photography

Instructional Assistant - Photojournalism

Instructional Assistant - Physical Education/Athletics

Instructional Assistant - Psychology

Instructional Assistant - Recreational Vehicle Service

Instructional Assistant - Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center

Instructional Assistant - Science-Math Tutorial

Instructional Assistant - Social Science

Instructional Assistant - Theatre/Music

Instructional Assistant - Tutorial Center

Instructional Assistant - Welding Technology

Instructional Assistant - Writing/English/Reading Series (Instructional Assistant - Writing/English/Reading; Lead Instructional Assistant - Writing/English/Reading)

Instructional Services Assistant Series (Instructional Services Assistant I; Instructional Services Assistant II; Lead Instructional Services Assistant)

Interpreter/Transliterator Series (Interpreter/Transliterator I; Interpreter/Transliterator II; Interpreter/Transliterator III)

Laboratory Technician - Aeronautics

Laboratory Technician - Construction

Laboratory Technician - Electronics

Laboratory Technician - Mechanics Series (Laboratory Technician - Mechanics; Lead Laboratory Technician - Mechanics)

Laboratory Technician - Science Series (Laboratory Technician; Lead Laboratory Technician)

Laboratory Technician - Welding/Horticulture

Library Technician Series (Library Technician / Lead Library Technician)

Maintenance Operations Clerk

Marketing Specialist - Economic Development Center

Media Systems/Resources Series

Operations Technician

Outreach Specialist

Payroll Accountant

Payroll Clerk Series (Payroll Clerk I; Payroll Clerk II)

Payroll Specialist

Payroll Technician

Police Communication Dispatcher Series (Police Communication Dispatcher; Lead Police Communication Dispatcher)

Printing Assistant

Printing Service Operator Series (Printing Service Operator I; Printing Service Operator II; Printing Service Operator III)

Printing Technician

Program Assistant - Regional Environment Business Resources and Assistance Center (REBRAC)

Program Assistant - Tech Prep

Programmer Series (Programmer I; Programmer II; Senior Programmer)

Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Technician

Public Services Assistant

Receptionist Telephone Console Attendant

Research Analyst

Risk Management Specialist

Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center Developer (SRPSTC)

Staff Resources Center Assistant

Student Personnel Assistant - Assessment/Testing

Student Personnel Assistant - Career & Job Opportunity Services

Student Personnel Assistant - Community Services

Student Personnel Assistant - Contract Education

Student Personnel Assistant - Counseling

Student Personnel Assistant - Cultural Awareness Center

Student Personnel Assistant - Davis Outreach Program

Student Personnel Assistant -  Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S)

Student Personnel Assistant - Educational Center

Student Personnel Assistant -  Extended Opportunity Programs and Service (EOPS)

Student Personnel Assistant - Internship Developer

Student Personnel Assistant - Outreach Services

Student Personnel Assistant - Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Student Personnel Assistant - Student Life

Student Personnel Assistant - Student Services

Student Personnel Assistant - Student Services-Athletic Program & Transfer Services Program

Student Personnel Assistant - Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF)

Student Personnel Assistant - Transfer Services

Student Personnel Assistant - Workforce and Economic Development

Student Affairs Specialist

Student Success and Support Program Specialist

TANF/CalWorks Specialist

Telecommunications Systems Coordinator

Telecommunications Systems Designer

Theater Technician

Ticket Office, Customer Relations Assistant - Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC)

Web & Media Design Specialist


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