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Hiring Adjunct Faculty

“The Process”

Need to find Adjunct Faculty?
This page provides a resource for departments by providing an overview of our Adjunct Faculty recruitment process, and answers your most frequently asked questions.

Our goal
Recruitment’s goal is to help you find qualified applicants as quickly as possible, while continuing our progress toward providing a hiring process that ensures nondiscrimination and equal opportunity to all qualified individuals.    

We have adjunct pools ready for you
Recruitment maintains current adjunct pools that have been screened for minimum qualifications on our website for each discipline taught at our campuses.  If you need a discipline that is different than those listed, contact Mellonie Richardson, HR Recruitment Officer, at to discuss.

Overview of the adjunct pool process

·         Adjunct pools are continuously open for applicants to apply to; there are no closing dates.

·         Job postings on the web:  In general, the job postings for adjunct positions give general information about the nature of the adjunct assignment, and will list the minimum qualifications for the position, as the pool is listed by disciplines.

          NOTE:  If your department has a discipline specific to your college and you find it helpful to the applicant and department to have more detailed information in the announcement, please let us know and we would be happy to work with you to modify the posting.

·         Meeting minimum qualifications:  An HR Director will verify that applicants claiming the required minimum qualifications show the appropriate degrees/credentials on their transcripts.  If work/professional experience is a requirement for the adjunct position, this requirement will be verified.  

          Applicants who do not provide the required unofficial copies of transcripts are screened out of the active pool.  Applicants are automatically sent an email that transcripts are required, and the applicant will remain inactive in that discipline until unofficial transcripts are received in HR.

·         To be considered, individuals must have applied to the appropriate adjunct pool.   Board Regulations 5122 mandates the following:    “1.1.1   Only those persons having an application on file at the District will be considered as applicants.”

          Emergency hires must also be an active, screened applicant in our adjunct pools.

·         Maintaining an equitable process for all applicants:  It is paramount departments consider only applicants that have applied to the appropriate adjunct pool.  To ensure fairness and equity, individuals must be in the pool to be considered for screening/hiring.

·         Keeping the pools updated for you:  Once a year HR will email applicants as a reminder to update their application information.  Applicants must respond affirmatively to the email to remain active in the pool --- this helps to keep our pools current and up-to-date with interested and available applicants.

·         Indicating a preferred work location:  Although an applicant may indicate on the application which campus they prefer to work on, please don’t exclude them if they do not choose yours.  Often an applicant will not go back to modify their application if their situation changes, and will often consider other campuses as well.

Requesting to view an adjunct pool

·        Who to contact:  Email Mellonie Richardson  with your request. At the time of your request, we will assure that all qualified applicants are screened into the pool.  As a reminder, applicants must have their unofficial transcripts attached in order to be screened into the pool.   

·         A copy of the pool is made:  HR makes a copy of the adjunct pool and emails you instructions on how to view the pool online.  Usually the pools are copied and access instructions emailed to you within 24 hours.

·         Applications received after your copy is made:  Applications received after the pool copy is made do not show up in your pool automatically.  If someone applies after your copy is made, HR will need to add them to your copy.

·         Lack of qualified applicants in pool:  If you find the pool to be lacking in qualified applicants, contact Mellonie Richardson, HR Recruitment Officer (, to identify possible avenues that can be considered.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.      A potential hire has a printed copy of his/her application; why do I not see him/her in my copy of the pool?

A.      Following are the most common scenarios:

  1. The applicant completed the application, but did not apply to a pool. Our online application process is a two-step process; (1) the applicant needs to complete the application, and (2) the applicant then has to apply to an open posting on our website.  Oftentimes, applicants forget the second step.  However, this is a critical step as the applicant will need to answer some additional questions, including questions regarding their qualifications for this posting, reasonable accommodations (ADA), and their conviction records.

  2.  The applicant applied after your copy of the pool was made.  Their application submission may have occurred after your copy was made; contact HR at extension 3112 to check their status and possibly add to your pool copy.

  3. The applicant applied but was disqualified for not meeting the minimum qualifications per Title 5 set forth by the State Chancellor’s Office OR because they did not attach their transcripts.  Remember, HR screens applications for the minimum requirements to teach at a California community college as stated on the job posting, and transcripts are required to do so.  You may contact HR at extension 3112 to see if this was the case.

Q.     Why do we need to consider this applicant for equivalency, when they answered on the application that they met the minimum qualifications?

A.      If the applicant claims to possess the minimum qualifications but the degrees are not exactly those as listed in the State minimum qualifications, the application shall be considered under the equivalency process.


Q.     Where do I go to see what job postings we currently have open for adjunct to apply to?  

A.      You can look on our website anytime by going to, and clicking on “Job Openings”.  From this page, simply select the “Adjunct Faculty” button at the top of the page.

    Q.     How should we handle applicants that contact our department directly?

A.      You are welcome to forward applicants to our HR Recruitment, and we will contact the applicant to inform them of the application process and required documents.  Forward emails to, or send letters/resumes to HR Recruitment via intercampus mail.

    Q.     What if I have a position that I need to advertise for quickly?

A.     For positions that are needed immediately or are difficult to recruit for, we have some advertising options to consider that are available to us without cost (The Registry, We can also work with you to identify organizations that would be beneficial to post the position with.

Also keep in mind the
 Adjunct Faculty Positions with an Immediate Need to Hire webpage.  This page provides an avenue for departments to advertise any adjunct positions that have an immediate need, or a hard to fill position that can benefit from an opportunity to provide more detailed information about the assignment.  This webpage is available for applicants on our main “Job Openings” page, and is a much frequented page (our “Job Openings” page averages over 800,000 hits per month).  E-mail Mellonie Richardson or call extension 3112 if you are interested in adding to this page.

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