Temporary Clerical Positions  


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Temporary Clerical Pools

Currently there are clerical pools open for applications for the following positions:

  • Administrative Assistant I (Temporary Pool)
  • Campus Patrol On-Call Pool (Temporary)
  • Clerk I (Temporary Pool)
  • Custodial On-Call Pool (Temporary)

If you would like to view one of these pools, please contact Susan Lasage (lasages@losrios.edu) to request a copy of the pool. 

A copy of the pool at the time of your request, and instructions provided for you to access the pool via a Guest User account; you do not need to have a PeopleAdmin user account to view temporary pools.  Please keep in mind that copies of pools are static - as new people apply, they are not automatically added to your copy.  If you would like to use a pool for hire after some time has elapsed, you will need to request an updated copy. 

Requests to Post a Temporary Classified Position

You may also request that we post a specific temporary classified position on the web for any specified period for your department/campus.  To request to post a classified position, please complete our Request to Post a Temporary Classified Position on the Web form. 

This is a fillable Word form that you tab through to complete, save to your computer, then please forward it to your Vice President of Administration office. 


Don't see the answer to your question, or would like to let us know your comments?  Please email Mellonie Richardson at cunyt@losrios.edu.





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