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Information for New Adjunct (part-time, temporary) Faculty Members

This page is designed to help newly hired adjunct faculty members through their employment process.  If you have not yet been offered a position with Los Rios, but are interested in becoming an adjunct faculty member, click here to find out which locations and departments have immediate hiring needs.

The adjunct faculty new hire process starts when your dean offers you a position.  You must wait for your formal offer from the dean before beginning the new hire process with Human Resources (HR).

At the time the offer is given, you should receive a "Fingerprint Packet".  The "Fingerprint Packet" should include:

  1. A "Request for Live Scan Service" form.

  2. A form authorizing our payroll department to withhold $32.00 from your first payroll warrant. (for fingerprint cost)

  3. A memo regarding our tuberculosis (TB) clearance requirement.

Step 1:

Decide where you would like to have your fingerprints taken.  Fingerprint services are offered at all four of our campuses (ARC, CRC, FLC and SCC), at the Workforce and Economic Development Center (1410 Ethan Way, Sacramento, CA 95825), or click here for other locations that offer fingerprint Livescan services.  If you choose to have your prints taken at a Los Rios facility, PLEASE CALL for livescan availability BEFORE driving to the location (phone numbers for the campuses and the Ethan Way Center are in your livescan packet).

Follow the instructions below if you are NOT having your prints taken at one of our campuses:

  • You must use the form provided by Los Rios. 

  • Fingerprint clearances are sent electronically to HR.  You do not wait for the clearance.

  • The total fingerprint fee is paid by the applicant.  $32 is withheld from your first payroll warrant.  The "Rolling Fee" can vary by agency and is charged to the applicant at the time that prints are taken. (This amount is controlled by the fingerprinting agency and can change at any time.  You may want to call ahead of time to find the exact cost.)

  • You will need to bring one copy of the completed livescan form with you to your orientation appointment.  Please do not give the HR copy to campus personnel.

Follow the instructions below if you are going to one of our campuses:

  • Complete all sections on the Request for Live Scan Service form marked by an x.

  • Both you and your hiring manager need to fill out the Los Rios Community College District College Police Fingerprint Scanning Authorization form.

  • Follow the Instructions to Applicant section on the form.

Step 2:

Call your Human Resources Specialist to set up an Orientation appointment. Please do not drop-in.  New Hire orientations are conducted at the District Office Human Resources Office, located at 1919 Spanos Court, Sacramento, CA 95825, which is off of Howe Avenue between Northrop Ave. and Fair Oaks Blvd.  Your specialist is determined by the first letter of your last name:

A - G - Brandy Shiners - or 916-568-3119
H - Pa - Kenya Runyan -  or 916-568-3148
Pb - Z - Arcelia Montes - or 916-568-3172

When you call to schedule your appointment, you will be asked for some personal information (date of birth, name, address, social security number, etc.)  In addition to your personal information you will also need to know the discipline that you are teaching and your date of hire.  You will need to bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • Your completed "Request for Live Scan Service" form.

  • Your Social Security Card (it is the practice of the District to request copies of Social Security Cards from new employees)  We need to verify that we will be paying and issuing W-2 forms under the same name that is on your Social Security Card.  Contact the Social Security Administration to request a replacement card if you have lost or misplaced your Social Security Card.

  • Documents indicating that you have the right to work in the United States.  Generally, most people use their Social Security Card and their Drivers License.  Other items are acceptable (page 9); however, you will still need to provide us with your social security card, as noted above.

  • If you have not already completed an on-line faculty application, please do so, your specialist will ask you to complete one prior to your orientation appointment.

  • A voided check if you are interested in direct deposit.

  • Emergency contact information (two names, phone numbers and addresses of your emergency contacts)

You will also need to:
Order official, sealed un-opened transcripts  Your transcripts will be due in HR no later than 60 days after your date of hire. The transcripts are required for two reasons: 

  1. To verify that you meet the minimum qualifications for the discipline that you are teaching.

  2. Your class placement is based upon education. For an explanation of how class/step placement and advancement is determined, please review the form Explanation of Class/Step Placement and Advancement (Adjunct/Overload Faculty) form.
    (Note: All adjunct faculty members start on Step 1.)

You can request that your transcripts be sent to your home, and you can walk them in to HR; or, you can have them sent directly to your HR Specialist.  If you choose to have your transcripts sent to your home, make sure that the envelope does not get opened!  We cannot accept the transcripts if the envelope has been opened.

Because salary placement is based on degrees and units earned, you  will want to order ALL of your transcripts (bachelors, masters, etc.).  If you have a doctorate degree AND if the discipline that you are teaching is the same discipline as your doctorate degree, you will only need to order the doctorate.  If the disciplines are different, then you will need to order all of your transcripts because according to the LRCFT contract, section, "Doctoral Degrees must be earned in a field directly related to the initial assignment."

Degrees earned outside of the United States must be evaluated in the United States in order to be used.

You are also required to meet the  tuberculosis clearance requirement within 15 days of your date of hire.  We offer TB risk assessment and TB skin testing, if needed, and Certificates of Completion for employees, free of charge, at our campus health centers.  Please contact the campus health center for testing hours.  You also have the option of seeing your own personal physician. Or, if you already have a recent (less than four years old) TB skin test result, Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA)* result, or TB risk assessment along with a Certificate of Completion from another community college district, private or parochial elementary school, secondary school or nursery school, you may send us a copy.

If you have retired from the State Teachers' Retirement System (STRS) you will be required to submit a Freedom from Disabling Disease form.  The form must be mailed directly from your physician to your specialist before you start working.  A physical is required for your physician to complete the form unless you have already had a physical no more than six months prior.

Step 3 - The day of your orientation/employment processing:

Orientation/employment processing, takes approximately one hour and is usually done as a group.  Please let your specialist know, in advance, if you need special accommodations.

Please arrive on time!  We schedule group appointments and cannot hold up an entire group or start over after we have already started the orientation.  Therefore, if you are late, you will be rescheduled. 

Bring your paperwork!  The fingerprint paperwork and your documents that indicate that you have the right to work in the United States are crucial.  Please do not forget them because we might have to reschedule your appointment if you don't have the requested paperwork.

You will receive a lot of information during orientation , including:

  • Information on available medical and dental benefits (you are not eligible until you have taught two of the last five semesters, excluding summer).

  • Information on Unemployment Insurance (UI) - your work is covered by unemployment; however, Los Rios employee's do not pay into State Disability Insurance (SDI).

  • How Class and Step placement works (for salary placement purposes) and where and when to pick up your payroll warrant or direct deposit "stub".

  • Information on the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers (LRCFT) - LRCFT is the union that represents the faculty employee's at Los Rios.  The collective bargaining agreement is on-line and you will be required to pay either union dues or agency fee's.

  • The option of enrolling in the State Teachers' Retirement System (STRS) or, you might be eligible to enroll in the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS), if you are already a member of their system.

Step 4 - After orientation/new hire processing:

  • Congratulations and welcome to the Los Rios Community College District!!

  • An e-mail address should be established for you automatically, but it may take a couple of days after your orientation to become available.  Contact your area dean for password and/or activation policy.  Please contact your specialist, or the help desk if  it has been two full weekdays after your orientation and you still do not have an e-mail address.

  • Log onto: https:/ and follow the instructions for your campus.  You will not be able to log onto your class rosters until you have activated your e-mail account.

  • Contact the campus police department, at the campus where you work, for parking permits.

  • Within a couple of months you will receive a letter from your specialist indicating where you have been placed on the salary schedule.  The letter will tell you from which educational facilities we have received official transcripts and will give you a detailed explanation of how you were placed.  If you have been paid incorrectly and as long as your transcripts were received by the deadline date, you will automatically receive an adjustment for any monies in which you are due.  Please notify your specialist immediately, in writing, if you find an error in your transcript evaluation.  Please sign one copy of your letter and return it to your specialist by the requested due date.

Los Rios Community College District
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Los Rios Community College District is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from all groups which reflect the diversity of our community.