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Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk III
Accounting Operations Supervisor 
Accounting Specialist
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Services Analyst
Admissions & Records Supervisor
Admissions/Records Clerk I
Admissions/Records Clerk II
Admissions/Records Clerk III
Admissions/Records Evaluator I 
Admissions/Records Evaluator II
Advanced Interpreter (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Animal Health Instructional Technician
Art Model (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assessment Center Testing Coordinator
Assistant Chancellor
Assistant Coach-Baseball (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Basketball (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Cross Country (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Football (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Soccer (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Softball (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Swimming (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Tennis (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Track & Field (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Volleyball (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Water Polo (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Coach-Wrestling (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Assistant Financial Aid Officer
Assistant Technical Director, VAPAC
Associate Vice President
Assistant Sports Program Director (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Athletic Trainer
Attendance Services Assistant
Beginning Interpreter (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Bookstore Aide (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Bookstore Assistant Manager
Bookstore Clerk I
Bookstore Clerk II
Bookstore Stock Clerk
Bookstore Supervisor
Building Automation and Systems Integration Analyst
Business Services Assistant
Business Services Supervisor
Buyer - Bookstore I
Buyer - Bookstore II
Buyer I
Buyer II
Buyer III
Campus Operations Supervisor
Campus Patrol (temporary position)
Child Development Center Associate Teacher
Child Development Center Clerk
Child Development Center Lead Teacher 
Child Development Center Supervisor
Child Development Center Teacher
Child Development Services Analyst
Clerk I (temporary position)
Clerk II
Clerk III
College Development Officer
College IT Systems Supervisor
College Nurse
College Police Detective
College Receiving Clerk/Storekeeper
College Relations Specialist
College Reserve Officer (temporary position)
College Safety Officer
Communications and Public Information Officer
Community Services Clerk
Community Services Supervisor
Computer Aided Drafting & Design Assistant
Confidential Administrative Assistant I
Confidential Administrative Assistant II
Confidential Administrative Assistant III
Confidential Chancellor's Executive Assistant
Confidential Executive Assistant
Confidential Financial Analyst 
Confidential Human Resources Analyst  
Confidential Human Resources Assistant I
Confidential Human Resources Assistant II
Confidential Human Resources Assistant III
Confidential Human Resources Officer
Confidential Human Resources Specialist I
Confidential Human Resources Specialist II
Confidential Human Resources Specialist III
Confidential Human Resources Training Specialist 
Confidential Internal Auditor
Confidential Internal Auditor/Information Security Officer
Confidential Senior Financial Analyst
Confidential Staff Administrative Assistant
Contract Education Program Developer
Control Center Technician
Cosmetology Service Assistant
Counseling Clerk I
Counseling Clerk II
Counseling Supervisor
Custodial Receiving Supervisor
Custodial Supervisor
Data Communications Security Specialist
Dean III
Digital Communications Specialist
Director/Manager I
Director/Manager II
Director/Manager III
Director/Manager IV
Director/Manager V
Director/Manager VI
Director/Manager VII
Director/Manager VIII
Director/Manager IX
Director/Manager X
Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP&S) Clerk
District Financial Aid Specialist
Education Services Aide (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Educational Center Assistant
Educational Center Clerk
Educational Center Supervisor
Educational Media Design Specialist
Educational Media & Web Design Specialist
Electronics Calibration & Repair Technician
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employee Benefits Supervisor	
Employee Benefits Technician
Environmental Systems Technician
Energy Management Controls Specialist
Equipment Mechanic I
Equipment Mechanic II
Event Services Specialist, VAPAC
Facilities Aide (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Facilities Maintenance - Electrical Systems Supervisor
Facilities Maintenance - Grounds Supervisor
Facilities Maintenance - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)/Plumbing Supervisor
Facilities Maintenance - Structures Supervisor
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Information Technology Application System Supervisor
I.A. - Health and Education Simulation Lab
I.A. - Instrumental Music
I.A.  -Learning Resources
I.A.  -Life and Physical Science
I.A. - Mathematics
I.A. - Mechanical Electrical Technology
I.A. - Mechanics
I.A. - Media Center
I.A. - Microcomputer Laboratory
I.A. - Microcomputer Laboratory Assistant Technician
I.A. - Music
I.A. - Music General
I.A. - Music Learning Laboratory
I.A. - Oak Tree Math Center
I.A. - Office Technology Laboratory
I.A. - Phlebotomy Laboratory
I.A. - Photography
I.A. - Photojournalism
I.A. - Physical Education-Athletics
I.A. - Psychology
I.A. - Reading Laboratory
I.A. - Recreational Vehicle Services
I.A. - Science Math Tutorial
I.A. - Sign Language Studies
I.A. - Social Science
I.A. - Theatre Music
I.A. - Tutorial Center
I.A. - Typing Laboratory
I.A. - Welding Technology
I.A. - Writing English Skill Center
I.A. - Writing Laboratory
Instructional Computer Laboratory Supervisor
Instructional Science Laboratory Supervisor
Instructional Services Assistant I
Instructional Services Assistant II
Instructor - Animal Health
Instructor - Animal Science
Instructor-Apparel Design Merchandising
Instructor-Automotive Technology
Instructor - Biology
Instructor - Ceramics
Instructor - Chemistry
Instructor - Construction
Instructor - Cosmetology
Instructor - Dental Hygiene
Instructor - Drafting
Instructor - Electronics
Instructor - Engineering
Instructor - Fine Arts
Instructor - Fire Technology
Instructor - Food Services
Instructor - Horticulture
Instructor - Mechanical/Electrical Technology
Instructor - Nursing
Instructor - Paramedics
Instructor - Photography
Instructor - Physics
Instructor - Printing
Instructor - Respiratory Care
Instructor - Theatre Arts
Instructor - Welding
Intermediate Interpreter (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Interpreter/Transliterater  I
Interpreter/Transliterater  II
Interpreter/Transliterater  III
Information Technology Application System Supervisor
Laboratory Technician - Aeronautics
Laboratory Technician - Construction
Laboratory Technician - Electronics
Laboratory Technician - Mechanics
Laboratory Technician - Science
Laboratory Technician - Welding / Horticulture
Lead Carpenter
Lead Carpenter/Cabinetmaker
Lead Custodian
Lead Electrician
Lead Facilities Planning & Engineering Specialist
Lead Heating/Cooling Mechanic
Lead Instructor Assistant - Campus Computer Laboratory
Lead Instructor Assistant - English as a Second Language
Lead Instructional Services Assistant
Lead Laboratory Technician Mechanics
Lead Laboratory Technician Science
Lead Library Technician
Lead Maintenance Electronic/Alarm Technician
Lead Equipment Mechanic
Lead Painter
Lead Plumber
Lead Police Communication Dispatcher
Library Technician
Lifeguard I ( Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Lifeguard II (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Locksmith/Glazier Carpenter
Maintenance Cabinetmaker
Maintenance Carpenter
Maintenance Electrician  
Maintenance Electronic/Alarm Technician
Maintenance Painter
Maintenance Plumber
Maintenance Roofer/Carpenter
Maintenance Technician I
Maintenance Technician II
Maintenance/Operations Clerk
Marketing Specialist - Economic Development Center
Mechanical/Electrical Systems Mechanic 
Mechanical/Electrical Systems Technician
Media Resources Supervisor
Media Systems/Resources Technician I
Media Systems/Resources Technician II
Media Systems/Resources Specialist
Medical Assistant--Health Services
Office Aide (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Official I (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Official II (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Operations Technician
Outreach Specialist  
Payroll Accountant
Payroll Clerk I
Payroll Clerk II
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Supervisor
Payroll Technician
Photographer (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Physical Education/Athletic Attendant
Police Captain
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Police Communication Dispatcher
Printing Assistant
Printing Services Operator I
Printing Services Operator II
Printing Services Operator III
Printing Services Supervisor
Printing Technician
Program Assistant - REBRAC
Program Assistant - Tech Prep
Programmer Series
Public Relations Specialist
Public Relations Technician
Public Services Assistant
Purchasing Supervisor
Reader/Tutor (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Reception/Telephone Console Attendant
Recruit Training Officer (Temporary Classified position)
Registration Aide (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Research Analyst
Risk Management Specialist
Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center (SRPSTC) Office Supervisor
Senior Buyer/Contract Specialist
Senior Information Technology Support Specialist
Senior Information Technology Technician
Senior Programmer
Special Projects (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Specialty Coach (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Sports Instructor I (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Sports Instructor II  (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Sports Program Director (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Staff Resources Center Assistant
Stock Clerk
Student Affairs Specialist
Student Help
Student Intern (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Student Life Supervisor
Student Personnel Assistant (All)
Student Services Supervisor
Student Success and Support Program Specialist
Swimming Instructor I  (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Swimming Instructor II (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Swimming Pool Cashier (Temporary Classified - Special Rate)
Technical Director - Visual & Performing Arts Center
Telecommunications System Coordinator
Telecommunications System Designer
Theatre Technician
Ticket Office, Customer Relations Assistant - Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC)
Ticket Office Supervisor - Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC)
Tool Room Equipment Attendant
Tool Room Equipment Attendant - Advanced Technology, Aeronautics, Motorcycle
Tutorial Services Assistant
Utility Worker
Vice President
Welder/Sheet Metal Worker
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