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Employee Service Agreements

Important Information Required to Correctly Complete an ESA

For directions on how to complete the “grey boxes” on the Employment Service Agreement (ESA) form -  Click here.

Additional Information:

Authorized Signers (All ESAs; New, revised & cancellations must be signed by an authorized signer.  Contact Carrie Bray if you believe someone should be an authorized signer and he/she is not on this list.

Budget String/Position Numbers

Deadline Dates (campus edition fiscal year payroll calendar) - note:  ESAs typically go through the campus instruction office.  The dates on the calendar are the dates that items are due to Human Resources.  Your Instruction Office most likely has earlier deadline dates so that ESAs can be prepared for payment before being forwarded to Human Resources.  Please ask the person/department at your campus who handles ESAs for their ESA deadline date(s).

ESA Eligibility

Pay Rate

Power Point Presentation (March 2011)

STRS Law (Information regarding ESAs and the STRS law

Table of Contents (lists EVERYTHING contained in the ESA pages in alphabetical order)

The 67% law