Aerobic Water FitnessFITNS 310ARCAquatic Fitness I
    310CRCAquatic Fitness I
    310SCCAquatic Fitness I
    314ARCAquatic Fitness III- Deep Water Jogging
    314CRCAquatic Fitness III- Deep Water Jogging

Applied DrawingART 307SCCRendering
    308FLCPerspective Drawing
    310FLCPen and Ink Drawing
    310SCCPen and Ink Drawing
    314ARCIntroduction to Illustration
    317ARCCharacter Design
  ARTNM 372ARCCharacter Design

ArcheryPACT 300ARCArchery I
    300FLCArchery I

BadmintonPACT 310ARCBadminton I
    310FLCBadminton I
    311ARCBadminton II
    311CRCBadminton II
    311FLCBadminton II

Ballet TechniqueDANCE 320ARCBallet I
    320CRCBallet I
    320FLCBallet I
    321ARCBallet II
    321CRCBallet II
    321FLCBallet II
    322ARCBallet III
    322CRCBallet III
    322FLCBallet III
    323ARCBallet IV
    323CRCBallet IV
    323FLCBallet IV
    324ARCBallet V
    325ARCBallet VI
    326ARCBallet: Variations and Combinations

Ballroom Dance TechniqueDANCE 340ARCBallroom Dance
    341ARCBallroom Dance II
    342ARCBallroom Dance III: Club Dancing
    343ARCBallroom Dance IV: Latin
    344ARCBallroom Dance V: Swing
    345ARCBallroom Dance VI: Tango
    348ARCBallroom Challenge: Competition and Performance

BasketballTMACT 320ARCBasketball
    321CRCBasketball II
    321FLCBasketball II
    321SCCBasketball II
    322CRCBasketball III
    322SCCBasketball III
    323CRCBasketball IV

Ceramics-HybridART 390ARCCeramics
    391ARCIntermediate Ceramics
    391FLCIntermediate Ceramics
    391SCCIntermediate Ceramics
    397ARCAlternative Firing Processes in Ceramics
    398ARCCeramic Murals and Tiles
    402FLCBeginning Clay Sculpture

Children's Theatre Performance and Technical ProduTA 464FLCRehearsal and Performance - Children's Show
  TAP 360ARCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance I
    360CRCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance I
    360FLCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance I
    360SCCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance I
    361ARCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance II
    361CRCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance II
    361FLCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance II
    361SCCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance II
    362ARCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance III
    362CRCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance III
    362FLCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance III
    362SCCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance III
    363ARCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance IV
    363CRCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance IV
    363FLCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance IV
    363SCCChildren's Theatre Rehearsal and Performance IV
    370ARCChildren's Theatre Technical Production I
    370CRCChildren's Theatre Technical Production I
    370FLCChildren's Theatre Technical Production I
    370SCCChildren's Theatre Technical Production I
    371ARCChildren's Theatre Technical Production II
    371CRCChildren's Theatre Technical Production II
    371FLCChildren's Theatre Technical Production II
    371SCCChildren's Theatre Technical Production II
    372ARCChildren's Theatre Technical Production III
    372CRCChildren's Theatre Technical Production III
    372FLCChildren's Theatre Technical Production III
    372SCCChildren's Theatre Technical Production III
    373ARCChildren's Theatre Technical Production IV
    373CRCChildren's Theatre Technical Production IV
    373FLCChildren's Theatre Technical Production IV
    373SCCChildren's Theatre Technical Production IV

Classical Performance and Technical ProductionTA 461FLCRehearsal and Performance - Drama
  TAP 320ARCClassical Rehearsal and Performance I
    320CRCClassical Rehearsal and Performance I
    320FLCClassical Rehearsal and Performance I
    320SCCClassical Rehearsal and Performance I
    321ARCClassical Rehearsal and Performance II
    321CRCClassical Rehearsal and Performance II
    321FLCClassical Rehearsal and Performance II
    321SCCClassical Rehearsal and Performance II
    322ARCClassical Rehearsal and Performance III
    322CRCClassical Rehearsal and Performance III
    322FLCClassical Rehearsal and Performance III
    322SCCClassical Rehearsal and Performance III
    323ARCClassical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    323CRCClassical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    323FLCClassical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    323SCCClassical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    330ARCClassical Technical Production I
    330CRCClassical Technical Production I
    330FLCClassical Technical Production I
    330SCCClassical Technical Production I
    331ARCClassical Technical Production II
    331CRCClassical Technical Production II
    331FLCClassical Technical Production II
    331SCCClassical Technical Production II
    332ARCClassical Technical Production III
    332CRCClassical Technical Production III
    332FLCClassical Technical Production III
    332SCCClassical Technical Production III
    333ARCClassical Technical Production IV
    333CRCClassical Technical Production IV
    333FLCClassical Technical Production IV
    333SCCClassical Technical Production IV

Contemporary Dance TechniqueDANCE 390ARCContemporary Dance I

Cultural DanceDANCE 301ARCBelly Dancing
    302ARCAfrican Dance
    304ARCPolynesian Dance I
    305ARCHawaiian Dance I
    306ARCPolynesian Dance II
    307ARCHawaiian Dance II

Dance Composition and ProductionDANCE 410CRCDance Composition and Production I
    410FLCDance Composition and Production I
    411CRCDance Composition and Production II
    411FLCDance Composition and Production II
    412CRCDance Composition and Production III
    412FLCDance Composition and Production III
    413CRCDance Composition and Production IV
    413FLCDance Composition and Production IV
    415ARCDance Production: Rehearsal and Backstage Organization
    416ARCDance Production: Choreography and Costumes
    417ARCDance Production: Studio and Stage

Dance Performance GroupDANCE 430ARCJazz Dance Performance Group
    431ARCPerformance Group: Master Hip Hop Crew
    432ARCDance Performance: Contemporary Dance Alliance
    433ARCPerformance Group: ARCH Dance Company

Drawing FundamentalsART 300ARCDrawing and Composition I
    300CRCDrawing and Composition I
    300FLCDrawing and Composition I
    300SCCDrawing and Composition I
    301CRCDigital Drawing and Composition
    301SCCDigital Drawing and Composition
    302ARCDrawing and Composition II
    302CRCDrawing and Composition II
    302FLCDrawing and Composition II
    302SCCDrawing and Composition II

Dynamic FitnessFITNS 344ARCDynamic Fitness Training I
    345ARCDynamic Fitness Training II
    345SCCDynamic Fitness Training II
    346ARCDynamic Cardio Training
    347ARCDynamic Aquatic Fitness Training

Figure StudiesART 304ARCFigure Drawing I
    304CRCFigure Drawing I
    304FLCFigure Drawing I
    304SCCFigure Drawing I
    305ARCFigure Drawing II
    305CRCFigure Drawing II
    305FLCFigure Drawing II
    305SCCFigure Drawing II
    312FLCPortrait Drawing
    312SCCPortrait Drawing
    313SCCPortrait Drawing: Abstract
    375ARCFigure Sculpture

Foundations of DanceDANCE 400ARCFloor Barre
    401ARCPre-Pointe and Conditioning
    402ARCElements of Choreography
    403ARCChoreographic Studies
    406ARCIntroduction to Improvisation

Gallery ManagementART 442ARCIntroduction to Art Gallery Operations
    443ARCArt Gallery Operations
    443CRCArt Gallery Operations
    445ARCArt Gallery Operations

GolfPACT 350ARCGolf I
    350FLCGolf I
    350SCCGolf I
    351ARCGolf II
    351SCCGolf II
    352ARCGolf III

Hip Hop Technique and CompetitionDANCE 351ARCUrban Hip Hop I
    351CRCUrban Hip Hop I
    351FLCUrban Hip Hop I
    352ARCUrban Hip Hop II
    352CRCUrban Hip Hop II
    352FLCUrban Hip Hop II
    353ARCUrban Hip Hop III
    353CRCUrban Hip Hop III
    353FLCUrban Hip Hop III
    354ARCUrban Hip Hop IV
    354CRCUrban Hip Hop IV
    354FLCUrban Hip Hop IV

Jazz Applied MusicMUIVI 425ARCApplied Music - Jazz I
    426ARCApplied Music - Jazz II

Jazz Dance TechniqueDANCE 310ARCJazz Dance I
    310CRCJazz Dance I
    310FLCJazz Dance I
    312ARCJazz Dance II
    312CRCJazz Dance II
    312FLCJazz Dance II
    313ARCJazz Dance III
    313CRCJazz Dance III
    313FLCJazz Dance III
    314ARCJazz Dance IV
    314CRCJazz Dance IV
    314FLCJazz Dance IV
    315ARCJazz Dance V
    316ARCJazz Dance VI: African Jazz
    317ARCJazz Dance VII: Lyrical Jazz

Jazz InstrumentalMUIVI 380SCCImprovisation Workshop I
    381SCCImprovisation Workshop II
    382SCCImprovisation Workshop III
    383SCCImprovisation Workshop IV
    385ARCJazz Styles and Improvisation
    386ARCJazz Styles and Improvisation

Jazz PianoMUIVI 400ARCBeginning Jazz Piano
    401ARCIntermediate Jazz Piano

Jazz VoiceMUIVI 390ARCJazz and Popular Vocal Styles and Improvisation I
    391ARCJazz and Popular Vocal Styles and Improvisation II

Life Fitness CenterFITNS 371SCCLife Fitness Center Training
    372SCCLife Fitness Strength Training
    373SCCLife Fitness Center Functional Fitness Training
    374SCCLife Fitness Center Cross Training

Martial Arts - Empty HandFITNS 410FLCKarate I
    411FLCKarate II
    415FLCKarate III

Martial Arts - WeaponsFITNS 413FLCOkinawan Kobudo I
    418FLCOkinawan Kobudo II
    419FLCOkinawan Kobudo III

Modern Dance TechniqueDANCE 330ARCModern Dance I
    330CRCModern Dance I
    330FLCModern Dance I
    331ARCModern Dance II
    332ARCModern Dance II
    332CRCModern Dance II
    332FLCModern Dance II
    333ARCModern Dance III
    333CRCModern Dance III
    333FLCModern Dance III
    334ARCModern Dance IV
    334CRCModern Dance IV
    334FLCModern Dance IV
    335ARCModern Dance V
    336ARCModern Dance VI

Modern Performance and Technical ProductionTA 460CRCRehearsal and Performance
    462FLCRehearsal and Performance - Comedy
  TAP 300ARCModern Rehearsal and Performance I
    300CRCModern Rehearsal and Performance I
    300FLCModern Rehearsal and Performance I
    300SCCModern Rehearsal and Performance I
    301ARCModern Rehearsal and Performance II
    301CRCModern Rehearsal and Performance II
    301FLCModern Rehearsal and Performance II
    301SCCModern Rehearsal and Performance II
    302ARCModern Rehearsal and Performance III
    302FLCModern Rehearsal and Performance III
    302SCCModern Rehearsal and Performance III
    303ARCModern Rehearsal and Performance IV
    303CRCModern Rehearsal and Performance IV
    303FLCModern Rehearsal and Performance IV
    303SCCModern Rehearsal and Performance IV
    310ARCModern Technical Production I
    310CRCModern Technical Production I
    310FLCModern Technical Production I
    310SCCModern Technical Production I
    311ARCModern Technical Production II
    311CRCModern Technical Production II
    311FLCModern Technical Production II
    311SCCModern Technical Production II
    312ARCModern Technical Production III
    312CRCModern Technical Production III
    312FLCModern Technical Production III
    312SCCModern Technical Production III
    313ARCModern Technical Production IV
    313CRCModern Technical Production IV
    313FLCModern Technical Production IV
    313SCCModern Technical Production IV

Musical Performance and Technical ProductionMUP 370ARCRehearsal and Performance - Musical Ensemble
  TA 465FLCRehearsal and Performance - Musical
    466ARCRehearsal and Performance - Musical Ensemble
  TAP 340ARCMusical Rehearsal and Performance I
    340CRCMusical Rehearsal and Performance I
    340FLCMusical Rehearsal and Performance I
    340SCCMusical Rehearsal and Performance I
    341ARCMusical Rehearsal and Performance II
    341CRCMusical Rehearsal and Performance II
    341FLCMusical Rehearsal and Performance II
    341SCCMusical Rehearsal and Performance II
    342ARCMusical Rehearsal and Performance III
    342CRCMusical Rehearsal and Performance III
    342FLCMusical Rehearsal and Performance III
    342SCCMusical Rehearsal and Performance III
    343ARCMusical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    343CRCMusical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    343FLCMusical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    343SCCMusical Rehearsal and Performance IV
    350ARCMusical Technical Production I
    350CRCMusical Technical Production I
    350FLCMusical Technical Production I
    350SCCMusical Technical Production I
    351ARCMusical Technical Production II
    351CRCMusical Technical Production II
    351FLCMusical Technical Production II
    351SCCMusical Technical Production II
    352ARCMusical Technical Production III
    352CRCMusical Technical Production III
    352FLCMusical Technical Production III
    352SCCMusical Technical Production III
    353ARCMusical Technical Production IV
    353CRCMusical Technical Production IV
    353FLCMusical Technical Production IV
    353SCCMusical Technical Production IV

Musical Theatre DanceDANCE 377ARCMusical Theatre Dance I
    377FLCMusical Theatre Dance I
    378FLCMusical Theater Dance II
    379FLCMusical Theatre Dance III

PaintingART 327ARCPainting I
    327CRCPainting I
    327FLCPainting I
    328ARCPainting II
    328CRCPainting II
    328FLCPainting II
    329ARCPainting III
    330CRCMural Painting
    330FLCMural Painting
    330SCCMural Painting
    332FLCOil Painting
    332SCCOil Painting
    333SCCIntermediate Oil Painting
    334FLCAcrylic Painting
    334SCCAcrylic Painting
    335SCCAcrylic Painting: Abstract
    336ARCWatercolor Painting
    336CRCWatercolor Painting
    336FLCWatercolor Painting
    336SCCWatercolor Painting
    337ARCIntermediate Watercolor Painting
    337CRCIntermediate Watercolor Painting
    337FLCIntermediate Watercolor Painting
    337SCCIntermediate Watercolor Painting
    338CRCIntroduction to Digital Painting I

PickleballPACT 430ARCPickleball I
    431ARCPickleball II
    432ARCPickleball III

Popular Guitar and BassMUIVI 373SCCPopular Electric Bass Styles I
    374SCCPopular Electric Bass Styles II
    375SCCPopular Electric Guitar Styles I
    377SCCPopular Electric Guitar Styles II
    378SCCPopular Electric Guitar Styles III
    379SCCPopular Electric Guitar Styles IV

Popular InstrumentalMUIVI 405SCCJazz & Pop Styles on Drum Set I
    406SCCJazz & Pop Styles on Drum Set II

Popular PianoMUIVI 365SCCPopular Piano Styles I
    366SCCPopular Piano Styles II
    367SCCPopular Piano Styles III
    368SCCPopular Piano Styles IV

PrintmakingART 361ARCPrintmaking: Survey
    361CRCPrintmaking: Survey
    361FLCPrintmaking: Survey
    361SCCPrintmaking: Survey
    362SCCPrintmaking: Intaglio
    363SCCPrintmaking: Screen Printing
    364FLCPrintmaking: Relief
    364SCCPrintmaking: Relief
    366SCCPrintmaking: Lithography

Repertory/Touring Performance and Technical ProducTAP 380ARCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance I
    380FLCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance I
    380SCCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance I
    381ARCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance II
    381FLCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance II
    381SCCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance II
    382ARCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance III
    382FLCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance III
    382SCCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance III
    383ARCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance IV
    383FLCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance IV
    383SCCRepertory/Touring Rehearsal and Performance IV
    390ARCRepertory and Touring Technical Production I
    390FLCRepertory and Touring Technical Production I
    390SCCRepertory and Touring Technical Production I
    391ARCRepertory and Touring Technical Production II
    391FLCRepertory and Touring Technical Production II
    391SCCRepertory and Touring Technical Production II
    392ARCRepertory and Touring Technical Production III
    392FLCRepertory and Touring Technical Production III
    392SCCRepertory and Touring Technical Production III
    393ARCRepertory and Touring Technical Production IV
    393FLCRepertory and Touring Technical Production IV
    393SCCRepertory and Touring Technical Production IV

SculptureART 370FLCThree Dimensional Design
    371ARCFoundry Casting for Sculpture
    373ARCIntermediate Sculpture
    373FLCIntermediate Sculpture
    373SCCIntermediate Sculpture
    374SCCSculpture Lab
    375SCCFigure Sculpture
    376ARCFunctional Sculpture

Small Metal ArtsART 380SCCTechniques in Metal Design
    381SCCIntermediate Techniques in Metal Design
    382ARCMetal Design: Emphasis in Mixed Media
    382FLCMetal Design: Emphasis in Mixed Media
    383ARCMetal Design: Emphasis In Fabrication
    383FLCMetal Design: Emphasis In Fabrication
    384ARCMetal Design: Emphasis In Casting
    384SCCMetal Design: Emphasis In Casting
    385SCCMetal Arts Lab
    386FLCIntermediate Metal Design: Emphasis in Fabrication
    387FLCIntermediate Metal Design: Emphasis in Forming

SoccerTMACT 300ARCSoccer, Indoor
    300CRCSoccer, Indoor
    300SCCSoccer, Indoor
    301ARCIndoor Soccer II
    301CRCIndoor Soccer II
    301SCCIndoor Soccer II
    302ARCSoccer - Outdoor
    302CRCSoccer - Outdoor
    302FLCSoccer - Outdoor
    302SCCSoccer - Outdoor
    303ARCOutdoor Soccer II
    303CRCOutdoor Soccer II
    303SCCOutdoor Soccer II
    304ARCOutdoor Soccer III
    304CRCOutdoor Soccer III
    304SCCOutdoor Soccer III

Studio Art and PracticeART 440ARCArtists' Materials and Techniques
    444ARCArt Gallery and Portfolio Preparation
  ARTPH 302ARC Black and White Silver Gelatin Photography Lab
    306ARCPhotography Lab: Digital Editing
    361ARCPhotography Lab: Studio Lighting
    376ARCPhotography Lab: Portfolio Development

SwimmingFITNS 440ARCSwimming I
    440SCCSwimming I
    441ARCSwimming II
    441SCCSwimming II
    442ARCSwimming III
    442CRCSwimming III
    442SCCSwimming III
    443ARCSwimming IV
    443CRCSwimming IV
    443SCCSwimming IV
    444CRCSwimming V
    444SCCSwimming V

Tap Dance TechniqueDANCE 360ARCTap Dance I
    361ARCTap Dance II
    362ARCTap Dance III
    363ARCTap Dance IV
    364ARCTap Dance V
    365ARCTap Dance VI: Rhythm Tap

TennisPACT 390ARCTennis I
    390CRCTennis I
    391ARCTennis II
    391SCCTennis II
    393ARCTennis III
    393SCCTennis III
    394SCCTennis, Doubles

Touring Group Performance and ProductionDANCE 440FLCPerforming and Touring Group: MOSAIC Dance Company I
    441FLCPerforming and Touring Group: MOSAIC Dance Company II
    442FLCPerforming and Touring Group: MOSAIC Dance Company III
    443FLCPerforming and Touring Group: MOSAIC Dance Company IV

Traditional Applied Music FundamentalsMUIVI 420ARCApplied Music
    420FLCApplied Music
    421ARCApplied Music II

Traditional Applied Music Technique and RepertoireMUIVI 422ARCApplied Music III
    423ARCApplied Music IV

Traditional Guitar and BassMUIVI 370ARCBeginning Guitar
    370FLCBeginning Guitar
    370SCCBeginning Guitar
    371ARCIntermediate Guitar
    371FLCIntermediate Guitar
    371SCCIntermediate Guitar
    372FLCAdvanced Guitar
    372SCCAdvanced Guitar

Traditional Piano FundamentalsMUIVI 340ARCBeginning Piano
    341ARCPiano II
    341CRCPiano II
    345FLCBeginning Piano I
    345SCCBeginning Piano I
    346FLCBeginning Piano II
    346SCCBeginning Piano II

Traditional Piano Technique and RepertoireMUIVI 350ARCIntermediate Piano
    355SCCIntermediate Piano I
    356SCCIntermediate Piano II
    357SCCAdvanced Piano I
    358SCCAdvanced Piano II

Traditional Voice FundamentalsMUIVI 310ARCVoice Class I
    310CRCVoice Class I
    310FLCVoice Class I
    311ARCVoice Class II
    311CRCVoice Class II
    315SCCBeginning Voice
    325SCCIntermediate Voice

Traditional Voice Technique and RepertoireMUIVI 311FLCVoice Class II
    320ARCVoice Class III
    320CRCVoice Class III
    320FLCVoice Class III
    321ARCVoice Class IV
    321CRCVoice Class IV
    321FLCVoice Class IV
    330SCCAdvanced Voice
    335SCCMentorship & Vocal Repertoire

Vocal EnsembleMUP 402SCCVocal Ensemble I
    403SCCVocal Ensemble II
    404SCCVocal Ensemble III
    405SCCVocal Ensemble IV

VolleyballTMACT 330ARCVolleyball
    331ARCVolleyball II
    331CRCVolleyball II
    331FLCVolleyball II
    331SCCVolleyball II
    333ARCVolleyball III
    333CRCVolleyball III
    333SCCVolleyball III
    335CRCVolleyball IV

Weight TrainingFITNS 381SCCWeight Training
    383SCCOlympic and Power Weight Lifting
    384CRCWeight Training II
    385SCCWeight Training for Competition
    386CRCWeight Training III