Summer 2016 Class Schedule (SCC)

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FASHN 301    Fundamentals of Apparel Construction    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGRD 110 and ENGWR 101; or ESLR 320 and ESLW 320 or ESL 114; and LIBR 318; and MATH 34 with grades of "C" or better.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 36 hours LEC ; 54 hours LAB
Description: This course covers the basic techniques for construction of men's, women's, and children's clothing and home accessories. Students will learn about materials and sewing supplies selection, sewing machine operation, and reading pattern instructions. Students will explore theories and concepts of construction of simple garment and interior use projects. Technical construction techniques are included along with the use and understanding of a sew-thru 1/8" grid ruler, tape measure, and yardstick. Students will calculate and recognize measurements for the purpose of purchasing fabric. This course is designed for the student with little or no previous sewing experience. Students will be advised to purchase sample kits from the SCC College Store. The cost per student to participate is approximately $30-$50. One field trip to a fabric store may be required. A substitute activity will be provided for students who cannot attend the field trip. This course was formally known as FASHN 150.

Schedule: Six Week - First, Jun 06-Jul 15
MTWTh     05:30PM-06:45PM LEC M.Korn               SCC MAIN RHS 262         11578 
MTWTh     06:55PM-09:00PM LAB M.Korn               SCC MAIN RHS 262           

Summer 2016 Class Schedule

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