Summer 2014 Class Schedule (SCC)

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GEOL 345    Geology of California    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGRD 310 and ENGWR 300, or ESLR 340 and ESLW 340, and MATH 100, with grades of "C" or better; or placement through the assessment process.
General Education: AA/AS Area IV; CSU Area B1; IGETC Area 5A
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course provides a survey of the physical and historical aspects of California geology, emphasizing the linkage of geology and people through economic and social impacts. This course is recommended for non-majors and majors in geology and is of particular value to science, engineering, environmental studies, education, and economics majors. One field trip may be required (for example to Cache Creek Canyon or Point Reyes National Seashore). (C-ID GEOL 200)

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jun 09-Aug 01
TTh       06:15PM-08:40PM LEC D.Wynne              SCC MAIN LIH 203         11640 
TBA       TBA             LEC D.Wynne               TBA TBA                 11640 Textbook
This course will consist of 44 hours of classroom lecture as well as one 10-hour field trip to be conducted on a Saturday, date TBA. If students need assistance in order to participate in a field trip or a field studies activity, they should contact the instructor or the Science Dean. Students who qualify due to a lack sufficient funds may request the field trip fee be waived.

Summer 2014 Class Schedule

Updated: July 14, 2014