Spring 2019 Class Schedule (SCC)

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WGS 300    Introduction to Women and Gender Studies    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGRD 110 and ENGWR 101 with grades of "C" or better OR ESLR 340 and ESLW 340 with grades of "C" or better
General Education: AA/AS Area V(b); AA/AS Area III(b); CSU Area D; IGETC Area 4
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to introducing Women and Gender Studies and key theories, concepts, and issues of the field. The course will examine gender inequality from an intersectional perspective, emphasizing the interrelated circumstances that influence women's status in popular culture, in the workforce, in the arts, before the law, in the family, and in other social, political, and economic realms of society. Students will strive to understand women's diverse histories and experiences, while at the same time seeking to understand how their own histories have shaped who they are and how they view the world. Employing gender as a central category of analysis, the course will be inclusive of issues of oppression based on gender expression and sexuality. Each student writes a minimum of 3,000 words. Formerly known as SOCSC 350.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 19-May 22

MW11:00AM-12:20PMLECS.FairchildDavis Cntr DAC 20518958Textbook
Off-Campus - Davis Center, 1720 Jade Street, UC Davis, West Village, Davis, CA 95616.

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

Updated: February 4, 2019