Spring 2017 Class Schedule (SCC)

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VN 120    Meeting Adult Basic Health Needs    12 Units

Prerequisite: See Enrollment Limitations
Enrollment Limitation: BIOL 100 with a grade of "B" or better; or BIOL 430 and BIOL 431 with grade of "B" or better; AH 110, FCS 324, NUTRI 300, and PSYC 300 with grades of "C" or better and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in these four (4) courses. ENGRD 11 with a grade of "C" or better or placement through the assessment process if applicant does not have an AA Degree or higher; and, acceptance into the Vocational Nursing Program.
Hours: 108 hours LEC ; 324 hours LAB
Description: This course is an orientation to Vocational Nursing and the role of the Vocational Nurse within the health care team, including historical, ethical, and legal aspects. Theory and practice introduce the nursing process and related concepts of basic human needs, life-cycle development, health-illness continuum, and major health problems related to cardiovascular, respiratory, nutrition-elimination, mobility, hormonal disturbances, and surgical interventions. Fundamental skills and responsibilities involved in patient care, including medication administration, principles of communication, health teaching, cultural diversity, and human sexuality are included. Emphasis is on assessment of patient needs and basic nursing interventions for adults of all ages.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 14-May 17
MTh       09:00AM-12:05PM LEC D.Marshall           SCC MAIN MOH 31          19135 
MTh       09:00AM-12:05PM LEC E.De Guzman          SCC MAIN MOH 31          19135 Textbook
M         12:15PM-03:30PM LAB D.Marshall           Off Campus Hospital        
M         12:15PM-03:30PM LAB E.De Guzman          Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:40AM LAB D.Marshall           Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:40AM LAB E.De Guzman          Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB D.Marshall           Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB E.De Guzman          Off Campus Hospital        

VN 130    Meeting Health Needs of All Age Groups    12 Units

Prerequisite: VN 120 with a grade of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Vocational Nursing program
Hours: 108 hours LEC ; 324 hours LAB
Description: Students apply theory in utilizing the nursing process to meet the needs of: 1) adult patients with major health problems related to more complex regulatory, cardio-vascular/respiratory, and reproductive disturbances; 2) mothers during the maternity cycle and newborns; 3) hospitalized children of various ages. Emphasis is on increasing independence in the implementation of care of the patient. Focus is also directed at enhancing the contribution of data to the care plans under the supervision of the Registered Nurse. Concepts and principles related to legal and ethical aspects of nursing care, communications, health teaching, cultural diversity, and human sexuality are applied in a variety of clinical settings and with patients of all ages.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 14-May 17
MTh       09:00AM-12:05PM LEC A.Marchi             SCC MAIN MOH 21          17726 
MTh       09:00AM-12:05PM LEC H.Rice               SCC MAIN MOH 21          17726 Textbook
M         01:00PM-04:05PM LAB H.Rice               Off Campus Hospital        
M         01:00PM-04:05PM LAB A.Marchi             Off Campus Hospital        
M         01:00PM-04:05PM LAB R.Mitchell           Off Campus Hospital        
M         01:00PM-04:05PM LAB J.Gossett            Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:25AM LAB H.Rice               Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:25AM LAB A.Marchi             Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:25AM LAB R.Mitchell           Off Campus Hospital        
TW        06:35AM-10:25AM LAB J.Gossett            Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB H.Rice               Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB A.Marchi             Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB R.Mitchell           Off Campus Hospital        
TW        11:00AM-02:35PM LAB J.Gossett            Off Campus Hospital        

Spring 2017 Class Schedule

Updated: July 10, 2017