Spring 2016 Class Schedule (SCC)

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ENGED 320    Service Learning: Tutoring Elementary Students in Reading    3 Units

Prerequisite: ENGRD 110 with a grade of "C" or better; or placement through the assessment process.
Enrollment Limitation: Students must show proof of a negative TB test and have background check and fingerprinting completed prior to beginning work in the schools.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 36 hours LEC ; 54 hours LAB
Description: This course offers students an opportunity to learn and practice basic methods of tutoring elementary children in reading. Students will meet on campus for the first part of the semester to be trained and then will be assigned to an elementary school where they will have in-depth practice tutoring elementary children who are reading below grade level. This course can meet the field experience requirement for teacher preparation programs.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 18
MW        01:30PM-02:20PM LEC R.Spangler           SCC MAIN RHS 312         17001 
MW        02:30PM-03:50PM LAB R.Spangler           SCC MAIN RHS 312           

ENGED 499    Experimental Offering in English - Education    .5-4 Units

Prerequisite: None
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: See Experimental Offerings

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 18
W         05:30PM-07:20PM LEC T.Gomez              SCC MAIN RHS 312         18544 
TBA       TBA             LEC T.Gomez               TBA TBA                 18544 Textbook
Teaching Reading Strategies Across the Curriculum    3 units
Prerequisite: ENGWR 300 (College Composition) with a grade of "C" or better.
Description:This course is designed for practicing teachers of all levels and across all disciplines. The purpose of this course is to provide professional development for all teachers and teachers in training by offering the opportunity to learn reading and thinking strategies they can teach to their students. These strategies can be applied to any reading and cognitive tasks throughout elementary, secondary, and college level courses of all disciplines. Application of the California Common Core Standards will be a focus of this course.
Hybrid Class. This class is a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. Students are expected to attend during the times indicated above, and will need a computer with Internet access for the online portion.

Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Updated: June 16, 2016