Spring 2013 Class Schedule (SCC)

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HSER 495    Independent Studies in Human Services    1-3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 162 hours LAB
Description: This course involves an individual student or small groups of students in study, research, or activities beyond the scope of regularly offered courses, pursuant to an agreement among college, faculty members and students. Independent studies in human services offers students a chance to do research and/or experimentation that is more typical of industry and graduate student work. This course may be taken four times for credit.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 19-May 22
TBA       TBA             LAB S.Griffin             TBA TBA                 19316 

HSER 1000    Supervised Tutoring    0 Units

Prerequisite: None
Enrollment Limitation: Student must be enrolled in a college credit course and be referred by an instructor or counselor.
Hours: 50 hours LAB
Description: This course offers individualized tutoring designed to assist students to increase their success in college courses. Content will vary depending upon the adjunct course. Attention will be given to essential study skills and utilization of campus learning resources. Students may enroll for support of more than one college course per semester. This course may be repeated in subsequent semesters.

Schedule: Other Term, Jan 19-May 22
TBA       TBA             LAB C.Seddon              TBA TBA                 16576 
Graphic Communication

TBA       TBA             LAB D.Blair               TBA TBA                 16577 Textbook
Physical Education

TBA       TBA             LAB B.Krofchok            TBA TBA                 16578 Textbook

TBA       TBA             LAB V.Gessford            TBA TBA                 17126 Textbook
Learning Skills and Tutoring Center

TBA       TBA             LAB C.Martensen           TBA TBA                 17184 Textbook
Math Lab

TBA       TBA             LAB B.Krofchok            TBA TBA                 17185 Textbook
Business Division Computer Lab

TBA       TBA             LAB E.Wilson              TBA TBA                 17398 Textbook
Art - Printmaking Lab

TBA       TBA             LAB P.deGennaro           TBA TBA                 17601 Textbook
Biology Tutorial

TBA       TBA             LAB C.Minter              TBA TBA                 17602 Textbook
Dental Tutorial

TBA       TBA             LAB N.Woolley             TBA TBA                 17603 Textbook
Academic Computing

TBA       TBA             LAB M.Fabian              TBA TBA                 17604 Textbook
Art - Sculpturing

TBA       TBA             LAB S.Griffin             TBA TBA                 17698 Textbook
Writing Center

TBA       TBA             LAB K.Muraki              TBA TBA                 18175 Textbook

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

Updated: May 30, 2013