Spring 2011 Class Schedule (SCC)

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DAST 111    Dental Nutrition and Prevention    1 Unit

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 18 hours LEC
Description: The focus of this course is the study of nutrition from both a whole body concept and its interrelated effects on the oral environment. The students will integrate these concepts with preventive dentistry concepts and the role of the dental assistant in community/public health situations.

Schedule: Other Term, Feb 28-May 18
W         11:30AM-12:40PM LEC J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         27882 

DAST 112    Registered Dental Assisting Expanded Duties    3 Units

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 27 hours LEC ; 81 hours LAB
Description: The course entails the study of the practical applications of advanced four-handed dental techniques. Instruction in California's "Expanded Duty Functions" as defined by the Dental Board of California is part of the course including, but not limited to such functions as, the fabrication of provisional restorations and orthodontic duties.

Schedule: Other Term, Feb 28-May 18
M         12:00PM-02:15PM LEC J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111           
M         08:00AM-11:50AM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 
M         08:00AM-11:50AM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 Textbook
M         08:00AM-11:50AM LAB J.Heideman           SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 Textbook
M         08:00AM-11:50AM LAB T.Sherman            SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 Textbook
Th        01:00PM-04:50PM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 Textbook
Th        01:00PM-04:50PM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 111         27886 Textbook
M         02:25PM-06:15PM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
M         02:25PM-06:15PM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
M         02:25PM-06:15PM LAB J.Heideman           SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
M         02:25PM-06:15PM LAB T.Sherman            SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
Th        01:00PM-04:50PM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
Th        01:00PM-04:50PM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook
Th        01:00PM-04:50PM LAB T.Blee               SCC MAIN RHS 111         30736 Textbook

DAST 115    Advanced Expanded Duty Certifications    2 Units

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 108 hours LAB
Description: This course will provide instruction and practice in coronal polishing techniques in the clinical setting. The course also includes the theory and practical application of pit and fissure sealants, patient assessment, ultrasonic scaler for orthodontic procedures, in-office bleaching, and caries detection.

Schedule: Other Term, Feb 28-May 18
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB S.Wheeldon           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB D.Corgiat            SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.Blee               SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
Th        08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.Sherman            SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB S.Wheeldon           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB D.Wheatley           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.Blee               SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB T.Sherman            SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB S.Wheeldon           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB D.Wheatley           SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB T.Blee               SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook
F         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB T.Sherman            SCC MAIN RHS 125         27892 Textbook

DAST 116    Practice Management for the Dental Assistant    2 Units

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 36 hours LEC
Description: Practice Management includes the principles of dental office management including: secretarial procedures, record keeping, dental histories, financial arrangements, bookkeeping, insurance procedures, patient communication, patient psychology, and job-finding skills.

Schedule: Other Term, Feb 28-May 18
W         08:00AM-11:10AM LEC M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         27894 

DAST 117     Dental Imaging    2 Units

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 12 hours LEC ; 72 hours LAB
Description: Advanced Dental Imaging includes advanced principals in obtaining and processing digital dental images for dental radiology, intra-oral and extra-oral photography for patient assessment and practice enhancement, and obtaining intra-oral images for computer-aided design (CAD) milled restorations, including manipulation and fabrication.

Schedule: Other Term, Feb 28-May 18
Th        12:00PM-12:50PM LEC J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111           
T         08:00AM-11:20AM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 110         27898 
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         27898 Textbook
T         11:30AM-02:50PM LAB J.Greenfield         SCC MAIN RHS 111         27900 Textbook
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         27900 Textbook
Th        05:15PM-08:35PM LAB T.GeogheganCampbell  SCC MAIN RHS 111         28470 Textbook
Th        05:15PM-08:35PM LAB D.Wheatley           SCC MAIN RHS 111         28470 Textbook
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB TBA                  SCC MAIN RHS 111         28470 Textbook
T         03:00PM-06:20PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         27902 Textbook
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         27902 Textbook
T         06:30PM-09:50PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         31411 Textbook
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB M.Randolph           SCC MAIN RHS 111         31411 Textbook
W         05:00PM-08:20PM LAB T.Lane               SCC MAIN RHS 111         31412 Textbook
W         01:00PM-04:20PM LAB TBA                  SCC MAIN RHS 111         31412 Textbook

DAST 119    Clinical Experience I    3 Units

Prerequisite: DAST 101, 102, 104, and 107 with grades of "C" or better.
Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
Hours: 240 hours LAB
Description: This course involves performance of dental assisting duties in an assigned dental clinic or private office during a full-time (40 hours/week) clinical affiliation of six weeks. Students will meet for six hours of seminar. This course is graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Schedule: Other Term, Jan 18-Feb 25
MTWThF    08:00AM-04:30PM LAB J.Greenfield          TBA TBA                 27904 
MTWThF    08:00AM-04:30PM LAB D.Corgiat             TBA TBA                 27904 Textbook
MTWThF    08:00AM-04:30PM LAB M.Randolph            TBA TBA                 27904 Textbook
MTWThF    08:00AM-04:30PM LAB S.Wheeldon            TBA TBA                 27904 Textbook

Spring 2011 Class Schedule

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