Spring 2015 Class Schedule (FLC)

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BUSTEC 307.1    Intro Keyboarding/Application    2 Units

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b)
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 24 hours LEC ; 36 hours LAB
Description: This intensive introductory computer-keyboard course emphasizes operating alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys by touch. It includes computer-keyboarding techniques, speed-and-accuracy development, proofreading proficiency, and the use of essential computer-keyboarding information. Students will need access to a computer, Internet, and an e-mail account.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jan 17-Mar 16
Th        06:00PM-07:15PM LEC E.Swithenbank        Off Campus RCC 7         10847 
Th        07:25PM-09:30PM LAB E.Swithenbank        Off Campus RCC 7           

Schedule: Eight Week - Second, Mar 17-May 14
TBA       TBA             LEC E.Swithenbank        Off Campus RCC ONLINE    10845 Textbook
TBA       TBA             LAB E.Swithenbank        Off Campus RCC ONLINE      
This is a traditional course modified to be online. Students must have access to a computer and the Internet, and have an active email address. Prior to enrollment, students may review orientation information and course requirements at www.flc.losrios.edu/~swithen. Once enrolled, students may begin their coursework by logging in to the course website at D2L.losrios.edu, which will be accessible approximately 5 days prior to the start of the semester. For additional information, students can email the instructor at swithee@flc.losrios.edu

Spring 2015 Class Schedule

Updated: April 27, 2015