Fall 2010 Class Schedule (FLC)

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STAT 300    Introduction to Probability and Statistics    4 Units

Prerequisite: MATH 120 with a grade of "C" or better; or placement through the assessment process.
General Education: AA/AS Area II(b); CSU Area B4; IGETC Area 2
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 72 hours LEC
Description: This course is an introduction to probability and statistics. Topics include: elementary principles and applications of descriptive statistics, counting principles, elementary probability principles, probability distributions, estimation of parameters, hypothesis testing, linear regression and correlation, and ANOVA. A scientific or graphing calculator with two-variable statistics capabilities may be required.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 21-Dec 16
MWF       07:30AM-08:40AM LEC W.Jensen             FLC MAIN FL2 157         22324 
MWF       10:30AM-11:40AM LEC N.Wai                FLC MAIN FL2 208         22326 Textbook
MW        01:00PM-03:05PM LEC S.McFaul             FLC MAIN FL4 137         22328 Textbook
Ti 83 or 84 is required.

TTh       10:30AM-12:35PM LEC J.Eitel              FLC MAIN FL1 208         22708 Textbook
TTh       07:00PM-09:05PM LEC T.Curran             FLC MAIN FL4 132         22342 Textbook
TTh       10:30AM-12:35PM LEC T.Curran             El Dorado EDC A213       22344 Textbook
MW        07:00PM-09:05PM LEC T.Curran             El Dorado EDC A203       22346 Textbook

Fall 2010 Class Schedule

Updated: November 23, 2010