Summer 2012 Class Schedule (CRC)

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GEOL 310    Historical Geology    3 Units

Prerequisite: None
Advisory: GEOL 300 or 305 ; an introductory geology or earth science course.
General Education: AA/AS Area IV; CSU Area B1; IGETC Area 5A
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course studies the origin and geologic history of Earth and the evolution of its plant and animal inhabitants. Plate tectonic theory is used to explain changes in composition and structure of rocks in Earth's crust from the formation of Earth to the present. Emphasis is placed on the formation of sedimentary rocks for the purpose of understanding how they and the fossils contained within them record changes in Earth environment and processes. Evolution and extinction are studied to understand how they reflect environmental changes in Earth's ocean, atmosphere, and surface.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jun 11-Aug 03
MTWTh     09:00AM-10:25AM LEC H.Jackson            CRC MAIN SCI 109         11050 

GEOL 311    Historical Geology Laboratory    1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.
Corequisite: GEOL 310 (may be taken concurrently).
Advisory: GEOL 300
General Education: CSU Area B3; IGETC Area 5A
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LAB
Description: Laboratory studies will accompany and complement GEOL 310, Historical Geology. Use of sedimentary rocks, fossils, geologic maps, and cross sections will aid in interpreting ancient environments, tectonic settings, and geologic history. Other concepts addressed include age relations and correlation of rock and time units, and introduction to fossil identification and biostratigraphy. At least one field trip or an appropriate alternative activity will be required as an introduction to sedimentary environments and field methods in geology.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jun 11-Aug 03
MTWTh     10:45AM-12:10PM LAB H.Jackson            CRC MAIN SCI 109         11051 

Summer 2012 Class Schedule

Updated: August 8, 2012