Spring 2013 Class Schedule (CRC)

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INDIS 313    Freshman Seminar    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b); CSU Area E
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: The purpose of this course is to assist new college students in achieving academic success. Topics covered will include discipline specific academic language and culture, the value of a college education, problem solving strategies, the use of technology in college, academic integrity, campus resources and services, and life during and after college.

Schedule: Other Term, Jan 22-Apr 18
TTh       02:15PM-04:20PM LEC F.Degn               CRC MAIN L 110           14958 
This class has a Special Emphasis on Careers in Liberal Arts and is open to all students.

Schedule: Other Term, Jan 23-Apr 17
MW        10:30AM-12:35PM LEC R.Snowden            CRC MAIN L 102           14959 Textbook
This class has a Special Emphasis on Careers in Communications, Visual and Performing Arts and is open to all students.

INDIS 350    Life and Culture in Study Abroad    1-3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Enrollment Limitation: The student must complete the pre-enrollment process into the Los Rios Community College District Study Abroad program.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course is designed to allow students to acquire a level of global competence while enrolled in the Los Rios Study Abroad program. Global competence is a continuing process of acquiring specific economic, historical, and geo-political knowledge which support the intercultural communication skills and authentic lived experiences that allow a person to function in another culture, and result in attitudes of cultural appreciation and interdependence. While participating in a specific Study Abroad program the student will have opportunities to study and generally survey the host country's historical, cultural, and geopolitical influences, as well as the societal structures to develop an understanding and appreciation of the host culture as different from U. S. American culture. This course may be taken up to three times for credit, yet each course completion must pertain to a different country offered in the Study Abroad program.

Schedule: Other Term, Jan 28-Apr 26
TTh       04:25PM-06:30PM LEC E.Nelson             Off Campus FI            15114 
Study Abroad Program in Florence Italy

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

Updated: June 20, 2013