Fall 2015 Class Schedule (CRC)

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ESL 299    Experimental Offering in English as a Second Language    .5-4 Units

Prerequisite: None
Hours: 18 hours LEC ; 54 hours LAB

Schedule: Other Term, Sep 14-Nov 05
College Readiness for English Language Learners
MTWTh     08:00AM-08:50AM LEC J.Francisco          CRC MAIN LRC 221         20261 
2 units

36 hours- Lecture

Prerequisite: ESLL 20, ESLR 20, or ESLW 20 with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent skills demonstrated through the assessment process.

Course description:
This is a course to prepare English language learners for success in the American academic experience. This course provides college success strategies, language skills, and support resources in the language appropriate for entry level ESL students.

Course notes: This course is intended for students at the 30 and 40 level who would like to learn about the college experience in the United States and improve their language skills at the same time. After taking the course, students will understand American college expectations and culture, feel comfortable asking questions and contributing to class discussions, have language learning strategies that can be used in all future courses. Contact Jennifer Francisco (francij@crc.losrios.edu) if you have questions.

ESL 325    Advanced-Low Integrated Reading and Writing    6 Units

Prerequisite: ESLR 310 and ESLW 310 with grades of "C" or better; or equivalent skills demonstrated through the assessment process.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 108 hours LEC
Description: This course integrates the reading and writing skills English language learners need to succeed in college-level courses. Students focus on refining academic reading skills with an emphasis on speed, vocabulary development, and analytical comprehension. Students will practice research and synthesizing skills and do extensive writing based on critical analysis of readings. Students will analyze and employ techniques throughout the writing process to produce a variety of well-focused, fully developed and organized essays. The course also emphasizes competent sentence variety and mastering the mechanics of English in the context of the essay. Essays will incorporate outside sources as well as personal experience.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 22-Dec 17
MW        08:45AM-11:50AM LEC J.Wilson             CRC MAIN LRC 222         14823 

Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Updated: November 12, 2015