Fall 2013 Class Schedule (CRC)

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LIBR 318    Library Research and Information Literacy    1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b)
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
See UC Limitations & Counselor
Hours: 18 hours LEC
Description: This course will help students acquire the information competency skills necessary to conduct academic or personal research. It provides a step-by-step guide to the research process that is applicable to term papers, course work and life-long learning.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Aug 24-Oct 18
T         09:30AM-11:35AM LEC A.Adkins Pogue       CRC MAIN L 245           14042 
Web-Enhanced This is a traditional classroom course but the instructor has chosen to add web assignments.
This is an in-person 8-week course with meetings once a week. LIBR 318 will be taught using team-based learning (TBL) http://www.teambasedlearning.org It is designed to develop your research skills to help you in college and beyond. Students will be put in teams during the first class session and will work with their teams throughout the 8-week course. Teams will be accountable for using course content to make decisions that will be shared with the entire class and subject to cross-team discussion and critique. There are no prerequisites for this course, however, basic computer skills and the ability to read and write at a college-level are a must. This course will utilize Desire2Learn at the eLearning Web site https://d2l.losrios.edu/
Students with questions may contact the instructor, Andi Adkins Pogue at: adkinsa@crc.losrios.edu

Fall 2013 Class Schedule

Updated: December 13, 2013