Fall 2012 Class Schedule (CRC)

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CISS 300    Introduction to Information Systems Security    1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: Some experience and/or coursework in networking.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 18 hours LEC
Description: This course provides an introduction to network-based and Internet-based security applications and standards. Topics include cryptography, security protocols, network security applications, encryption, hash functions, digital signatures, viruses and key exchange.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Aug 25-Oct 19
TBA       TBA             LEC L.Parks              CRC MAIN Online          14366 
Online class.

Online Orientation. For the orientation and more information please go to Professor Parks' Web site at http://www.professorparks.org/fall2012.html
Required attendance for on-campus final.
Final: Saturday, October 20, 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., BS-153
The main goal of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of computer and network security issues including the numerous types of attacks computers are vulnerable to, the types of attacker profiles, and the hardware and software defense solutions available. The course begins with an overview of the subject including security goals, the importance of security, intruder profiles, and defense mechanisms. The topics subsequently covered include security and the individual personal computer in both the home and corporate environments. This includes protecting the single device from the threats of data theft, viruses and spyware, techniques of authentication and security patch management. Next, corporate security is presented including policy issues involving e-mail, Internet access, passwords, Incident Response and Disaster Recovery. Internet Security and Network Security are addressed focusing on the threats to WAN and LAN networks and methods of protecting each type of network. Students will learn to apply these concepts to each particular setting and know how and why they are adapted from one environment to another.

CISS 320    Implementing Network Security and Counter Measures    3 Units

Prerequisite: CISS 310 with a grade of "C" or better
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 48 hours LEC ; 18 hours LAB
Description: Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provide a significant cost savings by allowing remote users and multiple sites to securely communicate across a public network. A thorough understanding of the many standards and technologies available is essential for a successful VPN implementation. In this course, students will gain the knowledge required to evaluate, implement and manage secure remote-access technologies. In addition, with the growing reliance on e-commerce, network-based services and the Internet, organizations are faced with an ever-increasing responsibility to protect their systems from attack. Internet Detection Systems (IDS) are the latest and most powerful tools for identifying and responding to network- and host-based intrusions.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 25-Dec 20
Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
TBA       TBA             LEC L.Parks              CRC MAIN Online          19379 
TBA       TBA             LAB L.Parks              CRC MAIN Online            
Online class.
Online Orientation. For more information please go to Professor Parks' Web site at http://www.professorparks.org/fall2012.html

Required attendance for on-campus final.
Final: Saturday, December 15, 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., BS-153
The Labs may be done "online" if a student has a computer with a good Internet connection and meets the minimal requirements to operate TestOut's browser-based LabSim 4.0 Interface (students may view the FAQ's for the hardware and software requirements: http//www.testout.com/home/support/product-faqs Nevertheless, Professor Parks will hold some on-campus "drop-in Labs" for students who are more interested in doing them at the college or do not meet all the above requirements (details to follow).

Fall 2012 Class Schedule

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