Fall 2011 Class Schedule (CRC)

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SOCSC 360    Law and Society    3 Units

Same As: BUS 345
Prerequisite: None
General Education: AA/AS Area V(b); CSU Area D2; IGETC Area 4
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course is an introduction to the American legal system emphasizing the nature, purpose, sources and functioning of American law but including some comparative analysis of other historical and contemporary legal systems. It stresses the evolution of legal concepts as a reflection of the social environment and the role of the judiciary. A theoretical rather than practical view point is used through analysis of selected cases and legislation in the areas of individualism, socioeconomic groups, the family, the economy, crime, criminal procedure and punishment, church and state separation, the environment, and torts. This course should not be taken in place of BUS 340 when required. This course is the same as BUS 345, and only one may be taken for credit. See Cross-Listed Courses in the catalog.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 20-Dec 15
MW        09:00AM-10:20AM LEC T.Stock              CRC MAIN BS 159          17668 
F         09:30AM-12:35PM LEC L.Davenport          CRC MAIN BS 159          17672 Textbook
TTh       12:00PM-01:20PM LEC L.Davenport          CRC MAIN BS 119          19510 Textbook
Th        07:00PM-10:05PM LEC L.Davenport          CRC MAIN BS 159          17678 Textbook

Fall 2011 Class Schedule

Updated: December 19, 2011