Summer 2013 Class Schedule (ARC)

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NURSE 305    Transition to Associate Degree Nursing    5 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Enrollment Limitation: Acceptance into the Associate Degree Nursing Program.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC ; 108 hours LAB
Description: This bridge course is designed for the California Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) who is admitted for advanced placement into the second year of the Associate Degree Nursing (Registered Nursing) Program. Critical thinking skills necessary for successful role transition are emphasized throughout the course. Topics include care of adult and geriatric clients with specific medical-surgical nursing disorders, assessment skills, pharmacology, nursing process, evidence-based nursing practice, legal/ethical issues, cultural and ethnic diversity, and the educator role of the Registered Nurse (RN). Concurrent acute care hospital laboratory experience emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and the implementation of nursing theory into practice.

Schedule: Other Term, Jun 04-Jul 12
T         08:00AM-12:30PM LEC C.Garner             ARC MAIN HeEd 710          
W         08:00AM-12:05PM LEC C.Garner             ARC MAIN HeEd 716          
W         01:00PM-02:30PM LAB C.Garner             Off Campus Hospital      11604 
ThF       06:30AM-10:45AM LAB C.Garner             Off Campus Hospital      11604 Textbook
ThF       10:55AM-03:00PM LAB C.Garner             Off Campus Hospital      11604 Textbook

Summer 2013 Class Schedule

Updated: July 8, 2013