Summer 2012 Class Schedule (ARC)

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ET 194    Intermediate Robotics    2 Units

Prerequisite: None
Hours: 36 hours LEC
Description: This course covers advanced robotics utilizing the Parallax stamp microcontroller and Boe-Bot robotic vehicle. Topics include the operation and design of robots using the Robix robotic platform. This course includes how robotics and automation are utilized in industry. Hardware component selection, assembly, and software programming of various types of robotic assemblies are emphasized. The principles of electronics, physics, and engineering as they apply to robotic design are presented. Field trips are required.

Schedule: Six Week - Second, Jun 25-Aug 03
MW        06:00PM-08:50PM LEC S.Wilson             ARC MAIN Tech Ed 320     11755 

ET 195    Electrical and Mechanical Power and Control Systems    3 Units

Prerequisite: None
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course is a study of electrical and mechanical power components and systems used in the control and transmission of mechanical and electrical power. Topics include the analysis of electric circuits and controls; programmable logic controllers (PLC's), electromagnetic devices and their use in systems; discrete semiconductor switching devices; hydraulic and pneumatic power devices; types and uses of electric motors and generators as well as power distribution systems. Troubleshooting and repair of hydraulic, pneumatic control equipment and electrical / electronic systems are studied through a number of industry-based projects.

Schedule: Six Week - First, Jun 11-Jul 20
TTh       06:00PM-10:15PM LEC R.Prasad             ARC MAIN Tech Ed 308     11756 

Summer 2012 Class Schedule

Updated: July 16, 2012