Spring 2016 Class Schedule (ARC)

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PMED 110    Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care    12 Units

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Paramedic Program.
Hours: 144 hours LEC ; 216 hours LAB
Description: This course contains the didactic material and the related skills necessary to establish a foundation for subsequent prehospital assessment and management. Topics include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, intravenous therapy, basic and advanced life support, electrocardiography, medical/surgical, pediatric, obstetrics, and psychiatric/geriatric problems. Crisis intervention, strategies, and medical legal concepts are also discussed.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 18
M         07:45AM-05:45PM LEC L.Welter             ARC MAIN CDC 140           
M         07:45AM-05:45PM LEC G.Goold              ARC MAIN CDC 140           
M         07:45AM-05:45PM LEC C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 140           
WF        08:00AM-03:10PM LAB G.Goold              ARC MAIN CDC 140         13063 
WF        08:00AM-03:10PM LAB E.Martin             ARC MAIN CDC 100         13064 Textbook
WF        08:00AM-03:10PM LAB C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 100         13065 Textbook
WF        08:00AM-03:10PM LAB TBA                  ARC MAIN CDC 100         13409 Textbook

Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Updated: May 2, 2016