Spring 2011 Class Schedule (ARC)

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SCSD 1190    Technical Courses    .5-4 Units

Prerequisite: None
Hours: 80 hours LEC ; 80 hours LAB
Description: This course is designed to meet the changing needs of law enforcement and corrections by providing a curriculum for new or experimental courses promulgated by STC, POST or the State Legislature as curriculum is being tested. The courses will vary in length from State mandated 24-hour courses to provide updated or new laws to 80-hour courses that meet specific long-term training needs. May be taken four (4) times for credit.

Schedule: Other Term, Jun 01-May 31
SFD-Fitness in the Fire Service
TBA       TBA             LEC TBA                   TBA TBA                 31596 
TBA       TBA             LAB TBA                   TBA TBA                   

Schedule: Other Term, Apr 25-May 20
Criminal Invest. PT. II
MTWThF    08:00AM-04:30PM LEC S.Segura              TBA TBA                 31063 Textbook
Criminal Invest. PT. II
MTWTh     08:00AM-04:30PM LEC S.Segura              TBA TBA                 31063 Textbook
F         08:00AM-01:50PM LAB S.Segura              TBA TBA                   
For enrollment information please visit the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center website at www.arc.losrios.edu/~safety/

Spring 2011 Class Schedule

Updated: April 29, 2011