Spring 2010 Class Schedule (ARC)

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SPEECH 301    Public Speaking    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area II(b); CSU Area A1; IGETC Area 1C
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This is a course in oral composition and delivery. It focuses on the organization of support materials, methods of securing interest, and the presentation of information and ideas in oral communication situations typically found in the business and social community. Video recording equipment may be used as an aid to the student's self-analysis and improvement.

Schedule: Five Week - Third, Apr 12-May 18
TTh       05:30PM-10:05PM LEC R.Lingsweiler        ARC MAIN D 214           26963 

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jan 16-Mar 15
TTh       04:30PM-07:40PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 216           31596 Textbook
MW        06:00PM-09:10PM LEC U.Leighton           Natomas Inderkum A102    29139 Textbook

Schedule: Eight Week - Second, Mar 16-May 13
TTh       04:30PM-07:40PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 216           25251 Textbook
TTh       06:00PM-09:10PM LEC R.Harrison           Off Campus SanJuan HS    24573 Textbook
TTh       01:00PM-04:10PM LEC R.Lingsweiler        Off Campus Ethan 252     27151 Textbook
TTh       06:00PM-09:10PM LEC N.Pfister            Off Campus McClellan     29671 Textbook

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 19
MW        07:30AM-08:50AM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 216           26735 Textbook
TTh       07:30AM-08:50AM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 214           24557 Textbook
TTh       07:30AM-08:50AM LEC S.Hurner             ARC MAIN D 216           24559 Textbook
MW        09:00AM-10:20AM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 216           24561 Textbook
MW        09:00AM-10:20AM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           25913 Textbook
TTh       09:00AM-10:20AM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 216           25241 Textbook
TTh       09:00AM-10:20AM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           24553 Textbook
Sa        09:00AM-12:05PM LEC S.Kirchner           ARC MAIN D 110           24555 Textbook
MW        10:30AM-11:50AM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 216           24563 Textbook
MW        10:30AM-11:50AM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           24865 Textbook
TTh       10:30AM-11:50AM LEC A.Davidson           ARC MAIN D 216           24567 Textbook
TTh       10:30AM-11:50AM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           25243 Textbook
MW        12:00PM-01:20PM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 216           25395 Textbook
MW        12:00PM-01:20PM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 215           26815 Textbook
F         01:00PM-04:05PM LEC K.Vasquez            ARC MAIN D 215           26811 Textbook
MW        01:30PM-02:50PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 216           24713 Textbook
TTh       01:30PM-02:50PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 214           24565 Textbook
TTh       01:30PM-02:50PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 216           26473 Textbook
MW        03:00PM-04:20PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 216           24571 Textbook
MW        03:00PM-04:20PM LEC D.DeVere             ARC MAIN D 216           24571 Textbook
TTh       03:00PM-04:20PM LEC N.Pfister            ARC MAIN D 214           24569 Textbook
TTh       04:30PM-05:50PM LEC P.Lagergren          Natomas Inderkum A102    29129 Textbook
F         05:30PM-08:40PM LEC S.Kirchner           Natomas Natomas N103     29133 Textbook
MW        02:00PM-03:20PM LEC P.Lagergren          Natomas Natomas N201     29137 Textbook
MW        04:30PM-05:50PM LEC K.Cullivan           ARC MAIN D 216           24575 Textbook
TTh       08:00AM-09:20AM LEC R.Lingsweiler        Natomas Natomas N201     29131 Textbook
TTh       04:30PM-05:50PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 215           25397 Textbook
MW        06:00PM-07:20PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 216           26705 Textbook

SPEECH 311    Argumentation and Debate    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: CSU Area A3
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course focuses on the theory, methods and application of argumentation and debate. It considers the use evidence and appeals in the advocacy of dissenting propositions.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 19
TTh       12:00PM-01:20PM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 216           25911 

SPEECH 321    Interpersonal Communication    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGWR 102, ENGWR 103, and ESLW 320; or placement through the assessment process.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b); CSU Area E1
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course focuses on communication between individuals, with emphasis on the acquisition of techniques and skills essential to self-actualization and to establishing authentic relationships. Effective communication strategies are discussed, practiced, and reflected upon both in and outside the classroom environment.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 19
TTh       10:30AM-11:50AM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 215           25915 
TTh       06:00PM-07:20PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 215           26707 Textbook

SPEECH 331    Group Discussion    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGWR 102, ENGWR 103, ESLL 320, and ESLW 320; or placement through the assessment process.
General Education: AA/AS Area II(b); CSU Area A1; IGETC Area 1C
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course covers the dynamics of group communication and prepares individuals to function more effectively in groups. It focuses on communication in task and social groups. Topics include communication concepts and behaviors in problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, group roles, norms, and conformity.

Schedule: Eight Week - First, Jan 16-Mar 15
TTh       06:00PM-09:10PM LEC R.Harrison           Off Campus SanJuan HS    24583 

Schedule: Eight Week - Second, Mar 16-May 13
MW        06:00PM-09:10PM LEC U.Leighton           Natomas Inderkum A102    24581 Textbook

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 19
TTh       07:30AM-08:50AM LEC A.Davidson           ARC MAIN D 215           26813 Textbook
MW        09:00AM-10:20AM LEC R.Selland            ARC MAIN D 215           26499 Textbook
MW        09:00AM-10:20AM LEC R.Harrison           ARC MAIN D 215           26499 Textbook
F         09:00AM-12:05PM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 215           24577 Textbook
MW        10:30AM-11:50AM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 215           29299 Textbook
MW        12:00PM-01:20PM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           24719 Textbook
TTh       12:00PM-01:20PM LEC P.Jurach             ARC MAIN D 214           24867 Textbook
MW        01:30PM-02:50PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 215           24579 Textbook
TTh       01:30PM-02:50PM LEC P.Duax               ARC MAIN D 215           25245 Textbook
MW        03:00PM-04:20PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 214           25247 Textbook
T         06:00PM-09:05PM LEC S.Kirchner           Natomas Inderkum C223    29135 Textbook
MW        04:30PM-05:50PM LEC R.Selland            ARC MAIN D 215           24585 Textbook
MW        04:30PM-05:50PM LEC D.DeVere             ARC MAIN D 215           24585 Textbook
MW        06:00PM-07:20PM LEC R.Selland            ARC MAIN D 215           24587 Textbook
MW        06:00PM-07:20PM LEC K.Vasquez            ARC MAIN D 215           24587 Textbook
MW        07:30PM-08:50PM LEC G.Stockdale          ARC MAIN D 215           26699 Textbook

SPEECH 361    The Communication Experience    3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area II(b); CSU Area A1
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
Description: This course provides students with an introduction to basic skills and concepts necessary for effective communication in a variety of contexts. Topics include effective listening, facilitation of interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, practical group experience, and speech making.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 16-May 19
TTh       09:00AM-10:20AM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 215           26361 
TTh       12:00PM-01:20PM LEC A.Shubb              ARC MAIN D 215           28029 Textbook

Spring 2010 Class Schedule

Updated: May 17, 2010