Fall 2017 Class Schedule (ARC)

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STAT 300    Introduction to Probability and Statistics    4 Units

Prerequisite: MATH 120, 125, 129, or 133 with a grade of "C" or better, or placement through the assessment process.
General Education: AA/AS Area II(b); CSU Area B4; IGETC Area 2
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 72 hours LEC
Description: This course is an introduction to probability and statistics. Topics include elementary principles and applications of descriptive statistics, counting principles, elementary probability principles, probability distributions, estimation of parameters, hypothesis testing, linear regression and correlation, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Applications use data from various disciplines including business, social sciences, psychology, life and health sciences, and education. Statistical analysis using a computer statistics package or graphing calculator is required. (C-ID MATH 110; Competency: Mathematics)

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 19-Dec 14
Sa        08:00AM-12:15PM LEC S.Safvi              Off Campus Natomas N101  11532 
TTh       06:00PM-08:05PM LEC R.McCleary           Off Campus Natomas/Ik C208 11533 Textbook
MW        08:00AM-10:05AM LEC J.Chung              Off Campus Natomas N201  12571 Textbook
TI-83 or -84 calculator required. Online homework required.

TTh       02:00PM-04:05PM LEC R.McCleary           Off Campus Natomas N202  12710 Textbook

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

Updated: October 18, 2017