Fall 2013 Class Schedule (ARC)

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SPD 1100    Basic Police Academy    17.5 Units

Prerequisite: Acceptance into Basic Recruit Academy; see program requirements.
Hours: 560 hours LEC ; 470 hours LAB
Description: This course presents a comprehensive program of training in law, ethics, community policing, vehicle operations, use of force, patrol techniques, firearms, traffic control and enforcement, criminal investigations, physical fitness, chemical agents, first aid and CPR. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a POST Basic Academy Certificate.

Schedule: Other Term, Jul 08-Dec 19
MTWTh     06:00AM-07:50AM LEC TBA                   TBA TBA                 19320 
MTWTh     08:00AM-11:50AM LEC TBA                   TBA TBA                 19320 Textbook
MTWTh     01:10PM-03:00PM LAB TBA                   TBA TBA                   
MTWTh     03:10PM-06:00PM LAB TBA                   TBA TBA                   
Classes will be held at the Sacramento Police Academy, 2409 Dean Street, Suite 144, McClellan, CA 95652. Classes meet Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00pm, class times may vary with some weekend and night time training sessions to be announced by the instructor. For enrollment information please call Sacramento Police Department at (916) 566-2418.

Fall 2013 Class Schedule

Updated: December 17, 2013