Fall 2011 Class Schedule (ARC)

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PMED 100    Emergency Medical Technician - Basic    5 Units

Same As: FT 200
Prerequisite: HEED 323 with a grade of "C" or better
Enrollment Limitation: Not open to students with a current EMT - Basic certificate.
Hours: 72 hours LEC ; 72 hours LAB
Description: This course is designed to provide instruction to the level of Emergency Medical Technician - Basic. Topics include skills necessary to provide emergency medical care at a basic life support level with a fire, ambulance, or other specialized service. This course is conducted in compliance with Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 2 of the California Code of Regulations and Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-I). A "C" or better is required for certification as Emergency Medical Technician - Basic. Field trips are required. This course may be taken four times for credit.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 20-Dec 15
M         06:00PM-10:10PM LEC E.Martin             ARC MAIN CDC 140           
W         06:00PM-10:05PM LAB E.Martin             ARC MAIN CDC 100         10826 
W         06:00PM-10:05PM LAB E.Martin             ARC MAIN CDC 140         13472 Textbook
W         01:00PM-05:05PM LAB R.Aldrich             TBA TBA                 13612 Textbook
W         01:00PM-05:05PM LAB E.Martin              TBA TBA                 13612 Textbook
W         01:00PM-05:05PM LAB J.Chamness            TBA TBA                 13612 Textbook
W         06:00PM-10:05PM LAB C.Elledge             TBA TBA                 13632 Textbook
W         06:00PM-10:05PM LAB E.Martin              TBA TBA                 13632 Textbook
W         06:00PM-10:05PM LAB J.Andersen            TBA TBA                 13632 Textbook
T         09:00AM-01:05PM LEC C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 140           
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB R.Hein               ARC MAIN CDC 140         10822 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB C.Henderson          ARC MAIN CDC 140         10822 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 140         10822 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 100         13474 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB T.Maybee             ARC MAIN CDC 100         13474 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB G.Powell             ARC MAIN CDC 100         13474 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB C.Ryther              TBA TBA                 13616 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB M.Schanzenbach        TBA TBA                 13616 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB D.Stewart             TBA TBA                 13618 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB M.Swink               TBA TBA                 13618 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB C.Ryther              TBA TBA                 13618 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB G.Goold               TBA TBA                 13634 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB R.Tateishi            TBA TBA                 13634 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB J.VanBrunt            TBA TBA                 13634 Textbook
Th        01:35PM-05:40PM LAB C.Ryther              TBA TBA                 13634 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB E.Walder              TBA TBA                 15502 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB L.Welter              TBA TBA                 15502 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB R.Wolfley             TBA TBA                 15502 Textbook
Th        09:00AM-01:05PM LAB C.Ryther              TBA TBA                 15502 Textbook

PMED 105    Prehospital Calculations    .5 Units

Prerequisite: Current certification as an EMT-basic in the state of California, as required by Title 22.
Advisory: MATH 32.
Hours: 9 hours LEC
Description: This course provides basic instruction in calculating medication dosages in the pre-hospital setting.

Schedule: Eight Week - Second, Oct 15-Dec 09
TBA       TBA             LEC G.Goold               TBA TBA                 10012 
No on-campus orientation for this class. For further information about the course requirements, please visit the course website at www.arc.losrios.edu/online

PMED 106    Emergency Medical Technician Pre-hospital Practices and Internship    6.5 Units

Prerequisite: Current California Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1 or EMT-B) certification.
Corequisite: BIOL 102
Advisory: ENGRD 116, ENGWR 103, and MATH 32; or placement through the assessment process.
Enrollment Limitation: A background check, proof of current immunizations and campus Health Center clearance are required. Current CPR certification at one of the following levels: Healthcare Provider, Professional Rescuer or equivalent.
Hours: 36 hours LEC ; 243 hours LAB
Description: This course reviews and expands the Basic Life Support (BLS) knowledge and skills of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). It provides opportunities to practice the appropriate life support skills during a structured clinical and field internship. It serves as preparation for Advanced EMT coursework and application to the American River College Paramedic Education Program.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 20-Dec 15
T         07:00PM-09:15PM LEC C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 140         15208 
Th        07:00PM-10:15PM LAB C.Ryther             ARC MAIN CDC 140           
TBA       TBA             LAB C.Ryther              TBA TBA                   

PMED 130    Prehospital Field Internship    14 Units

Prerequisite: PMED 120 with a grade of "C" or better.
Enrollment Limitation: Current EMT-Basic(I) certification. After enrollment, all students are required to successfully complete a background check prior to starting a field internship assignment.
Hours: 54 hours LEC ; 600 hours LAB
Description: Under the direct supervision and evaluation of a licensed paramedic or a mobile intensive care nurse, the intern completes a prehospital field experience. This internship provides the paramedic student with hands-on prehospital experience and is the final course in the series preparing the for a California paramedic license.

Schedule: Full Term, Aug 20-Dec 15
Th        07:55AM-11:00AM LEC G.Goold              ARC MAIN HeEd 710        10762 
TBA       TBA             LAB G.Goold               TBA TBA                   
TBA       TBA             LAB E.Martin              TBA TBA                   

Fall 2011 Class Schedule

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