LRCCD Student Trustee

State law (Education Code 72023.5) requires the board of trustees of each community college district to have at least one non-voting member to be chosen by the students in a manner determined by the board. To be eligible, the student must be enrolled in a community college of the district for at least 5 semester units. The term of office for the student trustee is one year, commencing June of each year. Student trustees have the same general responsibilities as all trustees to represent the interests of the entire community; however, they also provide a student perspective on the issues facing the board.

Student trustees are not necessarily advocates for specific student issues, just as other trustees are not advocates for single interests. Student trustees provide their perspective to ensure that the students of the future will be served as well. For more information, please see the Student Trustee Handbook.

One of the roles that the student trustee has is to serve as chair of the Los Rios Community College District Student Advisory Committee. The committee provides a forum for communications and exchange of ideas, information and concerns between the Student Trustee, the college student associations and the students of the District.

Recent Student Trustees