Advanced Education for High School Students


Advanced Education students may enroll in up to two (2) Los Rios college courses during any semester or summer session. And the normal enrollment fee of $46 per unit is waived for Advanced Education students enrolled in these courses who are California residents and for certain non-residents.

To participate, a student must:

  • Be at least 16 years old - but not yet 18 - OR have already completed the 10th grade by the first day of the college class, and be currently enrolled in a public or private high school, including home school
  • Have a high school GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  • Submit a college application for the appropriate Los Rios college where he/she wants to enroll, and complete an Advanced Education Application with all the appropriate approvals/signatures. The Advanced Education Application includes more detailed information on fees, program eligibility, guidelines and restrictions.
  • Submit an official high school transcript, or official record of completed coursework and achievement levels
  • Meet with a Los Rios college counselor for approval
  • Submit appropriate college assessment results, when applicable, to ensure a prerequisite level and/or appropriate class placement
  • Find your enrollment date and time on the District's eServices student services portal, and then register in-person at the college where your enrollment has been approved.
  • Pay other fees and expenses - even if exempt from the enrollment fees - including textbooks, lab fees and the Universal Transit Pass fee.

IMPORTANT: Advanced Education students may only register for college-level classes, and cannot take any Los Rios classes offered by the student's school district during the same semester that the student wishes to enroll in them as an Advanced Education student, with some exceptions. Advanced Education students also may not enroll in certain courses where health and safety are a consideration.

For more detailed information about eligibility, costs and other guidelines, please review the Advanced Education Application.

Under Section 49061 of the Education Code, parents of community college students do not have a right of access to their children's student records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18. High school students attending any of the Los Rios Colleges - and their families - must abide by the same FERPA laws as any other college student. For more information on FERPA laws please visit the FERPA website.

For more information, please visit our campus Advanced Education websites:

American River College
Cosumnes River College
Folsom Lake College
Sacramento City College